coming up shortly..

… will be another post. Maybe even two. Definitely one on SHOES. Everyone likes a good shoe: from objets d’art to long-term functional good solid working boots. So shoes it is.

Beauty connection? Feet can be beautiful too. And beautiful feet tend to be of the happy healthy variety. Links in next post will include some heels: heels, hells, no accounting for tastes and follies and the hell that some people put their feet through… so there’s your bonus folly connection too.

I’m not going near the usual shoe-folly business. Sure, we probably have too many shoes already. I know I do. Even if most of them have definite purposes for specific weather conditions and activities. And even though I donated a whole bunch of them to charity (luckily my feet aren’t crazy pongy, and most of the shoes I gave away had only been worn once or twice, or maybe three times over a few years).

While the shoe post will mainly be about vegetarian shoes, there’ll also be a few leather shoes I’ve had in the past that were from more ethical sources (I shudder now: it’s still hide of dead and previously-animated creature on my feet, eeps…) and ticked some environmentalist and economical boxes, as being well-made and thus longer-lasting so saving you money and reducing animal abuse and the ecological side-effects of the manufacturing process. Because not everyone is vegetarian, and there are ways to be ethical and environmentally protective whilst wearing leather. That should be respected: to quote the British supermarket chain, “every little helps.” And life’s a compromise, including the compromise that is living with other human beings, and the associated need for mutual respect and tolerance. Which are great, valuable, and praiseworthy social / societal virtues.

There will also be some beauty tips for feet. OK, thinking “beautification” in a larger sense, that’s probably more to do with comfort, peace, harmony, and a gentle joy. When feet don’t complain but sing. Or at least hum quietly to themselves unobtrusively in the background.

Meanwhile, respect to all your feet, and respect your feet!

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