Urban Decay update

This isn’t fearfully new, but a week or so ago I was a having a read over on British Beauty Blogger and having a mosey around her archives. Not a green, ethical, etc. blog; but one that does cover such things from time to time, and that has a low tolerance of silly nonsense and, being a very good blog with good contacts (and hard-working: at blogging, at contacts, at eveything), you’ll often find new information there. There’s also excellent posts on blogging, which I’d recommend to anyone, professional blogger or journalist or otherwise. As a leisurely amateur, I learned stuff.

But back to “Urban Decay: Fools Rush In” (9 June 2012). You may recall coverage on here, and elsewhere reported on here (if not, type “urban decay” into that search box and lo! the results will appear). I found the following information extremely interesting, and supporting the more pessimistic theory, that there was posturing, positioning, and politicking going on behind the scenes. There may also be some bearing on the Lavera affair reported yesterday. At the very least, I think it’s safe to say that both cases (and likely the Estee Lauder group one too, plus L’Occitane and Clarins) show quite how complex and subtle the ongoing negotiations are.

I quote (and if you quote this too, please do credit your source–not me, but British Beauty Blogger–properly):

In fact, if Urban Decay had done their research, they’d know that China is in the final stages of approving some non-animal testing methods for cosmetic ingredients (check PETA for this). If only they’d waited just a little bit longer then they’d never have had to issue their silly ‘we’re only trying to help’ press release.  It’s bad timing, badly thought through and frankly, I don’t care if they’re trying to make a buck in the Asian market.. that’s fine. But don’t please rush in to suggest that entering the market is their way of educating a nation whose animal testing policies are about to change anyway. Sometimes, patience is the biggest beauty virtue.

PETA can take the full responsiblity for making changes. You know what they did? They awarded grants to scientists at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences to offer expertise to China in replacing animal tests with non-animal alternatives. And, it seems that China is acting quite swiftly on this with a non-animal sunlight toxicity test being accepted this summer.


UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: 26 November 2012: Urban Decay is being bought by L’Oréal. Fully, not a special arrangement like with The Body Shop. Good news for somebody at the money end of things. Bad news for lovers of indie stuff and honest ethical business. Possibly good news for greening-up big business. Certainly good news for cynical greenwashing and for cynical armchair commentary on cynical greenwashing.

And me? Well, I’ve removed them from the lists where they appeared as clean no-animal-testing nice guys. I haven’t bought any of their stuff in a while, so it doesn’t hurt me. It did hurt me when, way back when, they stopped making galoshes. Remember? The only other product on the market like it was, and now is, Clarins Fix’ Mascara (now Double Fix). Current makeup: mainly Silk Naturals, plus the odd bit of Reviva Labs (mascara) and Tarte (eye base/concealer), aside from the non-everyday-things that lurk in the box at the back of the cupboard. All of which is not animal-tested. And still, for the moment, the everyday stuff is all independent, ticks many ethical boxes, and even if they all went Baaad tomorrow: not the end of the world. It’s 2012, there’s more and more “good” companies out there. Besides, it’s only make-up and one can live without such things. Seriously. Honestly. I know it sounds like heresy: but: there is more to life...

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