lip sunscreen


For the most outrageously hilarious reviews since, well, the last time something silly appeared: click image below for link to Amazonian reviews. Admire the elegant fluidity and feminine usefulness first, of course. Then you can break up your clay tablets and reshape them as pottery for hostess gifts or something.

There have been illustrious female writers in the past, often treated (or describing themselves) as honorary males or gender-neutral persons. The sexual revolution continues: venerable ancestors aside, first- and second-wave feminism may have produced “women writers,” but now ladies can take up the pen with this amaz(on)ing new tool.

And now back to other phallic everyday objects.

A very good recent question: suggestions for a vegan spf lipbalm, for everyday use?

Now, I should explain right now that I’m not a vegan. I’m a vegetarian. I do eat and use some animal products: though not from dead animals; organic grass-fed etc. where possible (within reason, ex. animal health); and working to minimise my consumption of cow-related items (dairy) in favour of sheep and goat ones (cheese, yoghurt, butter) and plant-based alternatives like nut butters and milks. I’m not averse to ethically and sustainable sourced lanolin and beeswax. While I’m not usually a big friend of the insect world—they like me and my blood too much, it’s a matter of animal survival—I have a silly fuzzy fondness for the bee. And for protecting bees through supporting their activities. One way of doing that is actually to buy and use honey and beeswax, and products deploying them as ingredients.

My usual favourite lip SPF sticks, also used around the eyes, both contain beeswax. They’re cruelty-free  and vegetarian (in terms of not using any dead animals), but not vegan. Those and others I’ve used and tested out are over at the sunscreens: products post; now updated for the first time since last May. I’d tried out a couple of lip sunscreens since them; two of which were, as it happens, vegan. On which more in a second.

I’ve yet to see a good vegan sunscreen on the market, for lips. But then again I haven’t really looked that hard (given the bee-loving factor). Thoese I’ve seen and tested out have all had lower SPFs, around 15-20, and I’d rather use 30 or above. Just because you never use enough of the stuff to get full protection, and with lipbalm, it gets licked off a lot.

OK, there is one that just about meets the specs:

  • UV Naturals Lip SPF 30 (ZnO-only)

But it’s a bit drying and whitening. Especially compared to BurnOut and Loving Naturals.

Other options, tested out and decent: fairly moisturising, no irritation, go on fairly clear, but not protective enough:

  • Green Beaver (ZnO, SPF 15)
  • Hurraw (ZnO, SPF 15)

Other options that look nice on application but, again, low SPF (15 or 18) and I’m not going any further with them, due to the sunscreen filters used. Skin irritation + I don’t want them on lips re. ingestion and on thin skin near mucous membranes; may be irrational, but hey there’s the irritation factor anyway so not really an issue anyway, as I’m not and won’t be using them…:

  • Azida
  • Kasia
  • Merry Hempsters
  • Yaoh

Open questions:

1. Are there other decently-formulated  vegan sunscreen lipbalms out there?

2. That are at least SPF 30?

3. And usable: moisturising, clear or little tint, easy to apply, stay on, don’t taste gross, do the job?

4. The big question: why aren’t there more of them? After all, there are plenty of plant (and synthetic) waxes around.

Care to reply?

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