back to Talia

part of whose online space / identity has been hacked by some scumbag:

(image linked to YouTube)

See further on this: Icaria’s “Unfreaking believable”

and some more here.

Her main YouTube channel is still up and running and active, at:

Once again, please do think about emailing the Ellen Show. Sample email message follows below:

Dear Ellen,

I’m writing to you on behalf of someone else: Talia Castellano, a young videoblogger who is dying of cancer and whose last publicly-expressed wish (in her last video) is to do your make-up.
Talia blogs at Make-upisMYwig, under the name taliajoy18. The URL for her YouTube channel is:
and the video where she makes this wish is at:

I don’t know Talia personally, but came across her story a couple of weeks ago through its coverage elsewhere online, at

I do hope you’ll think of her: even if you aren’t able to make her wish come true (sounds heinously soppy, but still), it would be nice if you could spare her a moment’s thought.

Many thanks,


Go forth and email!


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