spam of the–

–weekend. Too early to say if this item will attain the giddy heights of SPAM OF THE WEEK glory. But: chatty; in proper English; complete with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation; probably passing anti-spambot version of Turing tests by a novel approach: be so irrelevant as to be either an obsessive troll, or wackily weird and maybe even creative and a bit fun.

Anyway, count me impressed.

(screenshot: does not link to actual spam-links)

Two Points of Interest:

Point the First: the image to which Matthew’s comment about Mark wanted to attach itself was this one:

(links to image source, at

Ha ha, how droll…

Point the Second: that image features (in mixed-media comment on the surrounding text) on the same post that gave rise to some other recent award-winning spam. I like it: spam in response to spam, and both of them in virtual conversation with this:

(this does link to the actual post in question…)

So: is this third-degree derivative spam? or PoMo critique, post-para-meta-ironic, hipster cool and above and beyond? I’m mindful how many hip and/or hipster persons work in Creative Fields, including Creative Media, including New Technologized Socially Networked Guerilla Marketeering Performance Art.

Or am I reading too much into it and


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