in praise of make-up

As mentioned before, I’m conflicted on makeup: vacillating between
(1) the inalienable ginger right to bear mascara and
(2) feminist unease about face-painting, disguising onself, performing through a mask rather than living and being, and presenting a socially-acceptable outer shell that satisfies (patriarchal, phallogocentric, female-objectifying, anti-feminist) convention.

But there’s two other angles on this.

ONE: fun. Play. Enjoying yourself messing about. Like those blissfully happy hours spent with colours in kindergarten and primary school (and, let’s admit it, secondary-school art class).

TWO: Talia Joy Castellano’s marvellous makeup tutorials at Make-upisMYwig, and her reasons for wearing and enjoying makeup, and spreading her enjoyment (and, less happily, reasons) to others.

It takes a lot of guts to go from this (6 days ago)

to this (3 days ago)

alas, then this (yesterday):


Screw all those YouTube makeup pseudo-gurus. Pass these links on. Subscribe. Follow. Help someone talented AND deserving go viral!


  1. Sakara

    wow, what an amazing young woman. Seriously, so grounded. I was mature for my age, I dont think i was that when i was 12/13.

    Oh and personally why i like makeup. I have fibromyalgia, its effected me everywhere on my body, except my face(might have gotten a little chubbier but in general i look the same) so wearing makeup, being creative is my way of saying ‘Ha! fuck you fibro!’ It gives me that little boost of confidence and is pretty much the only place apart from my nails where i wear colours as i tend to live in black clothing (i’m a goth through and through lol)

    • gingerama

      Hélène – that would be wonderful. Talia has a real talent for explaining the larger darker things in life (and makeup complexities too!); I feel I missed out on not seeing her videos before one of my immediate family died of cancer last year, let alone when a good school-friend died when I was around Talia’s age. I’d have benefitted from her wisdom, calm, and dignity.

      There’s nothing quite like having someone your own age explain something to you, sharing peer-to-peer. Then peer-to-peer networks do their networking thing, knowledge spreads, more lives are touched. Like happened (is still happening) for cystic fibrosis, thsnks to Eva Markvoort and 65 Red Roses.

      I hope it would be appropriate to say this: I hope you have a wonderful evening with your daughter, and that you both come out of it stronger, wiser, more bonded together, and more loving of all humanity too. Keep plenty hankies/tissues to hand, but that’s part of it and good too.

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