NEW current chocolate

Very very exciting indeed. Advantages over previous regular everyday chocolate:

  1. slightly cheaper
  2. previous chocolate is being reformulated with lower cocoa solids (apparently to satisfy the US market; Alter Eco being an American company, I guess that’s fair enough… albeit disappointing… )
  3. buying Canadian!
  4. better still: local Vancouver company!!
  5. readily available here, and not just in health-food shops
  6. lower sugar but slightly sweeter, and more richly complex, taste: combination of the addition of vanilla and better beans. Definitely more Arriba in the mix, possibly some Criollo (though it could “just” be very good Trinitario)
  7. higher protein, partly from more cocoa nibs
  8. smoothness: blame the Swiss conching…

Same pros for both this and Alter Eco:

  1. fair trade, equal exchange, co-operatives, etc.
  2. with most of the money going to the growers and makers
  3. minimal intervention of middle-men (direct trade as far as possible), and less profits going to the First World end (inc. sales, marketing, advertising, and other admin, support, and/or parasitic activities: sticking to what’s necessary, functional, and directly useful)
  4. fair price: not insanely expensive, but not outrageously cheap (suggesting that fair prices are indeed being paid to the growers)
  5. organic, shade-grown, sustainable ingredients
  6. minimal and recyclable packaging
  7. contains requisite amounts of chocolate to count, for Gingerrama purposes, as “chocolate”
  8. tastes good!

Call me shallow, but taste etc. aside, this on Zazubean’s website clinched it for me. In a, you know, potential fantasy clinch sort of way…

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