one step forward, one step back

The step forward: just emptied closet of lots of clothes, bags, etc. that hadn’t been worn / used in blinking ages. Gone to charity. There’s junk. There’s some treasures that I could probably have sold on eBay, so someone’s going to be in luck and there’ll be the extra Step Forward of good karma from having made someone else happy. Then there’s stuff that maybe ought to go in the trash. I salvaged some to use for dusters, shoe-polishing cloths, and for patching up other clothes; I do usually try to fix clothes when/where possible, and sometimes use bits of them to construct other clothes. But sometimes one has to admit that an item has reached the end of its natural life. Or it’s too small (especially if it’s shrunk in the wash). Or too big, and made out of a material that can’t be recut and reconfigured.

The step back: razors.

Alas, the Preserve just isn’t cutting it. Or rather, it is cutting it; “it” here being my tender skin. Armpits. Nothing worse. OK, don’t tell me: torture, live dismemberment, childbirth, and the everyday lives of most of the world’s population: all technically much worse. In a different league and dimension of worse-ness. But remember, I’m a ginger. Gingers like this one have thin skin that damages easily. They cut and bleed at the drop of a hat. Sometimes literally at the drop of a hat: been there, done that (edge of staw hat in my case). Gingers also have a miswired pain-perception system: pain tolerance is very low, it all feels much worse than it is, and the only bonus is a facility for fainting.

There’d been nicks, and a tuft mid-pit that I just never managed to shave off. Fortunately, I’m not very hairy and The Pits are nearly blonde. But when there was a bigger cut, and more blood, and I blacked out in the shower and came to with bonus bruises? Time for the razor to go.

So: back to Gillette Venus disposable. The alternative would have been the old 3-blade one with replaceable blades, but it’s not been easy to find in shops here and is fiendishly expensive. Will look around online once I’ve used up my pack of disposables. Want five (yes, 5) blades? Scented shave-gel inserts? You’re in luck, and there’s bargains. Want something simpler? Eff off.

Pro #1: that curvy bit around the blade-head doesn’t means I never cut myself. Ever.

Pro #2: most of the razor can be recycled, though it means breaking it apart (don’t cut yourself at this point) and depends on your available local recycling facilities.

Con #1: more expensive than Preserve. Not going to break the bank (I used various Venusses for years, each blade lasts ages).

Con #2: while Gillette have been cruelty-free for many years now, they’re owned by P & G.


  • every time I buy some (so that’s once so far), contact P & G to badger tham about ethics
  • and make an extra donation to an appropriate charity (choice here: the BUAV).


  1. Sakara

    Ive got bags of charity stuff to take to local charity…in my area the ones that are going to get the bounty are the helicopter ambulance and the local hospice. The others are charities i don’t want to donate to.

    I have the red head gene too, so yep, skin likes to fight with me, my pain medication/anaesthetic levels need to be higher etc. I used to have rashes appear when i shaved my arm pits, but one day i’d run out of shave gel and well..i dry shaved. Best decision of my life. Dont know why….surely it shouldn’t work, but it does. No rashes, no nicks, just cleanly shaved under arms. No ingrowing hairs either (which i have scars from there). All i use is a very sharp King of Shaves razor.
    I epilate my legs and bikini as that works best there and leaves far less rash an ingrowers too.

    • gingerama

      Three cheers for the emergency services!
      I’ve been shaving with oil for ages; had a similar epiphany to yours when I ran out of shave gel 🙂 The first oil I used was a King of Shaves one, till I figured out how to DIY something similar. Any idea where to get KOS razors in North America? (I’ll scuttle round and have a check online too.) Thanks for that tip!
      Tried dry shaving, and electric razor, and Epilady and similar: no go on me I’m afraid 😦
      Waxing, sugaring, those strips, Veet and other creams: no good on me: waxing & sugaring = massive rashes, the others = allergic to the main actives. Which also aren’t the best things to be flushing down the drain and into the water-system anyway.
      Off to investigate KOS razors. For next razor purchase, which mind you will probably be in about 6 months’ time…

      • Sakara

        Sorry, no idea about KOS razors abroad. They are quite hard to find here too. Ive shaved with oil too and had similar reaction on skin. my armpits just like it dry hehe.
        Ive used 3 epilators now, the best has been the new Phillips one. After first using Braun, then Phillips and now my new one, Braun’s ones are torture devices!

    • gingerama

      Yes, used them too: same issue, same shape of blade-head. Same story with others (drugstore own-brands etc) with that same shape of head. I gave away a load of Personna stuff, also the men’s razor 😦
      I need those padded curves! Not often enough that you’ll hear a woman say that…

  2. gingerama

    Ladies and gentlemen: the search is on!
    1/ King of Shaves razor
    2/ One with curvy padding around the head (but please don’t send me full-body straight-jackets, space-suits, or protective rugby/boxing headwear in the post).

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