recent entertainment

of a passive sort; online discussion as spectator-sport.

O the joys of vicarious voyeuristic pleasures.

I found this item on returning from work one sunny day. No further comment from me. I’d like to think that even if I’d logged into MUA while this was happening, I’d have had the good grace not to intervene (not even to attempt a Blessèd Be The Cheese- Cheesy Peas- Peace-Makers act of mercy and charity) but to stay well away. Alas, I’m not sure that I’m that good a person. But I’d still very much like to think that I’d have at least tried, and that maybe that trying-very-hard would have taken so long that by the time I made up my mind, it would have been too late to comment anyway.So could then have claimed that I’d behaved brilliantly well because the end result was not commenting. But who are we kidding.

Over to our entertainers:


    • gingerama

      Ben, et ma couardise alors ? J’en suis bien fière quand même, elle m’a probablement sauvée la vie plusieurs fois : là c’est un don !

  1. Icaria

    Parfois, faire l’autruche, c’est faire preuve de sagesse! Je lève mon verre à ta “couardise” & plus particulièrement au fait que tu as la vie sauve! xoxo 😀

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