emergency update: Hard Candy

Thanks for the tip-off from Marilisa!!!

Hard Candy ARE CRUELTY-FREE and haven’t stopped so being. And are NOT owned by, part of, or otherwise associated with Urban Decay (and their non-cruelty-free-ness).

Just to be completely clear.


To err is human, to forgive divine

(Pope’s On Criticism; on which see further on folly, 2011-11-08)

From the horse’s mouth, a.k.a. Hard Candy’s own Facebook page:

And in that discussion, you’ll see this:

Which was posted by the official Leaping Bunny page who also posted the following previously (FB info is more up-to-date than their website):

and then an apology, for which, kudos and thumbs up. I’m also including the discussion in screenshots, as most of it is interesting:

By one of those uncanny bits of fortuitousness, the day before Leaping Bunny’s statement (6 June, website + FB + Twitter) about dropping Urban Decay (and Hard Candy), Leaping Bunny wrote this on the FB page:

See also the discussion over on litte miss metamorph (a grand blog!):


(it’s fine, relax: not as neurotic, paranoid, conspiracy-theory-ridden, or indeed naïve and/or simple-minded as that title might suggest. Honest.) See last bit of discussion:

fairymally said…
Hi,TOO FACED, HARD CANDY and from June 6th 2012 URBAN DECAY are OFF of the LEAPING BUNNY’s and PETA’s good guys’ list.Also, in the case of UD a very engaging discussion has followed the publication of the company’s statement about their expansion to China.This update comes from what I read on Temptalia’s and on Gingerrama’s blogs.Please, if interested have a look at this important sad new developments regarding the mean and hideous issue of animal vivisection in the cosmetic industry and take part in the discussion to let cosmetic companies know that we,customers, are not to put up with their devious and cruel behaviour determined by their greed only and will not buy their lies and products anymore.
7 June 2012 16:59
fairymally said…
I misspelt it previously.
7 June 2012 17:23 
Sakara said…
Thanks for the update, though i do not trust the PETA sight in anyway or that group. I will check what they say though.
7 June 2012 17:52 
Sakara said…
ugh drives me nuts the selling in China. What is bizarre is that most cruelty free products are manufactured in China, but it’s only if they are sold does the law there state they must be animal tested. Stupid and so backwards.
Ok Urban Decay, Hard Candy and aply named Two Faced are OFF the list.
7 June 2012 17:55
fairymally said…
@Sakara I don’t trust PETA either I just mentioned them to help support my words as I had realized that not everyone had heard about the bad news and wanted to be sure everyone would go and research it thoroughly as I am very outraged by UD’s sly and unfair behaviour and would like everyone let them know how disgracefully they acted towards their trusting customers, whom they also tried to deceive further with their misleading statement and animals,whose life ansd sufferance does not count in front of PROFIT,that is their only scope now and I think has always been.
ps I misspelt the name of the blog gingerrrama, it is correct with 3 r’s.Sorry.
7 June 2012 19:13
Sakara said…
Yes it will be interesting to see if Urban Decay actually do do any publicity regarding animal welfare whilst out there..i doubt it very much.Ive made a new post on this blog informing my readers directly as they may not see this now on this post
7 June 2012 20:04 
Sakara said…
fairymally – where is the info regardingHard Candy selling to China..cant seem to find anything on that.
7 June 2012 22:29 
Sakara said…
Update – Hard Candy is ok. This in from their own fb page – – URGENT!!! We do not, have not and will NEVER test on animals! Leaping Bunny is incorrect – Hard Candy is NOT owned by Urban Decay. Hard Candy has ZERO affiliation with Urban Decay. We will be contacting Leaping Bunny immediately to retract this harmful and damaging statement. Again, Hard Candy does not test on animals. EVER!!!
8 June 2012 20:08
fairymally said…
@Sakara,so sorry I didn’t notice your post regarding HARD CANDY.Well, I got the info about the company’s loss of its cruelty-free status from Gingerrrama’ blog and this is the link to the subject: https://gingerrrama.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/newsflash-bollocks-and-double-bollocks/.I am going to post a comment on that blog now to make them take notice of HARD CANDY’s urgent update and rectification.Thank youMarilisa
11 June 2012 23:40
gingerama said…
hi there! Gingerrama here, of said blog. I first heard about the PETA & CCIC dropping of Urban Decay (and Hard Candy) c/o discussion on MakeupAlley’s Green Board. I then went to check with PETA & CCIC, and got the information (= as it appeared on my blog) from Leaping Bunny (as is clear in original blog posts concerned). Who, as it turns out, are wrong.My thanks to Marilisa for telling me what was happening with Hard Candy, and alerting me to discussion on this very splendid blog.I’ve duly edited and amended the post in question, which was this one here.The next posts in that series were about Urban Decay, commenting in greater deatil on their press release and on how their statements about being cruelty-free have changed (besides the obvious; some more nuance and thinking through repercussions, implications, etc.)

I’m very glad others have followed the matter thorugh the last few days: crowd-sourcing information is surely a marvellous thing, given that many of us (I’m guessing) have jobs to do too. L’union fait la force!

12 June 2012 00:32 
Sakara said…
Hi yeah, Glad to see Hard Candy are ok,(although not an easy brand to get here in the UK) i asked them directly and posted their response here which i think is what Marilisa read.
It takes people like us to get the info out to the wider audience. The more the better! 😀
12 June 2012 00:37
gingerama said…
Totally!!!Nice to see that Leaping Bunny has apologised for the error (over on Facebook & Twitter, not yet on their website) and is sorting things out with Hard Candy.This could all be very good if it pokes more companies into getting themselves listed with the CCIC.

Not to mention giving more publicity to cruelty-free-ness, and to Leaping Bunny being maybe nicer, friendlier, and more human(e) than PETA. Just my opinion, that last bit… but from dealing with the BUAV for 20+ years and PETA for a bit less, the CCIC group are way nicer 🙂

12 June 2012 01:38

Another post, reporting over (click image for link):

And another response, with apologies to myself for copy-pasting myself (but I always copy-paste anyway, to and from plaintext, in case a comment gets lost in moderation/transit/the ether… you know how annoying it is when that happens, when you’ve spent a fair while drafting…):

Confirming: Urban Decay is off the lists; for further information, see their own statement: http://www.urbandecay.com/Urban-Decay-China/Urban-Decay-in-China%2Cdefault%2Cpg.html
Interestingly, that currently just reads (for the operative part)
“Urban Decay is planning to sell our products in China.”
For the statement as it appeared a week ago, see here.

Hard Candy and Too Faced are both still on PETA’s “don’t test” list, last updated today: www.mediapeta.com/peta/PDF/companiesdonttest.pdf

Hard Candy and Too Faced (as well as Urban Dceay) aren’t on the CCIC / Leaping Bunny lists + fixed cut-off date policy campaign, ex. c/o founders, the BUAV (=British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection): http://leapingbunny.org/color.php
and http://leapingbunny.org/shopsearch.php

Hope that all helps…

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