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Vitamin C serums!

For why: used in the morning to boost sun protection.

May have same effect used at night (and indeed morning and night). Reports back from Elfy (see comment), also other MUAers known to apply twice daily for sun-protection-boosting purposes.

Some people also use at night, for (allegedly) collagen production, often as an anti-ageing thingie. Each to their own as ever, but basically I disapprove: building collagen in skin that’s medically damaged is one thing, but otherwise—folly be praised!!!—vacuous vanity.

On the other hand: it’s your serum and your skin. No-one’s going to come round, invade the privacy of the inner sanctum that is your bathroom, and interrogate check with you whether you’re applying it at night for sun protection, for anti-aging, both, a bit of each, or somewhere in between.

There will be a series of posts on vitamin C serums and associates (four five posts in total: four plus a grand master-list) starting on Friday and continuing through next week. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I think there’s just over 100 of the blighters altogether.

To be combined of course with good old food, applied in the traditional manner via mouth:

Image source: Food Arts: Designs made from food (


  1. Elfy

    Re: daytime versus nightime… I’ve only ever used it at night, and yet it showed evidence of boosting sun protection (in my split face experiment.) I don’t know if the timing is quite so black and white, re: anti-aging versus sun protection, etc… I was surprised at the result, yet there it is. 🙂

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