The next posts—longer-term, over the next month or two or three or so—will probably be collections of links, carefully hand-picked from the riches of the interwebs, and shared here for your greater delectation. There might also be the odd bit of MUA reportage.

The overall rate of posting will be decreasing: over the next few months, it’ll be more like two per week maximum, sometimes three in exceptional circumstances (such as Unilateral Vitamin C Week).

Such as the invention of a new chocoholic delight.

Of the posts planned, at some point soon, there will be a run-down of the EWG hot sunscreen list. Because there’s some good there, to be fair. They’ve improved their research methodology and openness. And on the practical nuts and bolts of actual sunscreens, there’s “good” in the form of those sunscreens I’ve tried and tested myself and that have passed the flammable photosensitive thin-skinned highly irritable allergicky rehead test.

Meanwhile, here’s another list: the best pâtisseries in Paris, from the Paris Pâtisseries blog (click image for link):

I can personally vouch for this one, the gold standard and supreme ideal of the éclair au chocolat form. Maybe even something close to the Platonic Form. Yes, it just has crème pâtissière inside. No fanciness or other aberrations. It’s a chocolate eclair, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the point:

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