positive chocolate-flavoured notes (2)

Following on from last week’s introduction of this drinking-chocolate:

Here’s some more. They had an amazing ad campaign.

A t-shirt picking up that “chocolate = therapy” theme and running with it. Come to think of it, this would be a great running t-shirt (OK, depending on cut and so on):


  1. super stylish: starting with the fonts, visual organization, simplicity; and general styling
  2. it’s dark drinking-chocolate: yay
  3. it’s drinking-chocolate of a simple construction (chocolate + milk), and therefore it is good
  4. on the other hand: the best drinking-chocolate in the world is making it yourself: grate some chocolate (as much as you want, of whatever sort) and melt it into warming milk, stirring constantly and not letting the milk come to the boil; if cold chocolate is desired, cool it and stir again before serving

Central “dark” theme:

As expressed in a fabulous poster campaign, returning the poster to its earlier high-visual-art form as posters:

Nothing like bringing out the edgy dark in dark chocolate.



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