some fun pictures

just for the hell of it (from my “green/grow the fuck up” Google image search). Normal service resumes some point later in the week…

dedicated to vain ****s and their f***ing facial peels

dedicated to lovers of free speech who also believe in thinking before you open your mouth (with apologies for flippancy): YES I DONATE MONEY TO AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, & THE ACLU; as well as campaigns associated with the ALA's campaigns against banned books and other symptoms of illiteracy, ignorance, idiocracy, and insanity.

Also, I found a blog (yay! yet more to read!!) whose general tone I really like. Welcome to Linny’s Vault:

Finally: this is why I really really like Linny. For this is my actual real-live day job. Alas, minus the cigarette:

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