product minimalism

Going away for a long weekend, wheeeee!!!

The usual question: what to pack?

One bag, as ever. Heck, if people can go around the world with one bag, I can jollywell go away for a long weekend with one. Review now updated now I’ve packed the bag…

Outer shell of self: layers of clothes, many of them worn on person inc waterproof outermost layer; one pair of shoes, solid waterproof suitable for walking but also vaguely chic; small foldable woolly hat and gloves; sunglasses and sunhat; e-reading device; a small mobile phone-web-camera device plus charger; antihistamines, first aid basics, mini sewing kit, handkerchief, toothbrush, face-cloth, some reusable cotton pads.

Face & body & hair products, head to toe, all decanted into smaller containers:

  1. shampoo = shampoo + face cleanser + body wash
  2. conditioner
  3. antioxidant layer
  4. multi-purpose oil
    = face moisturiser + body moisturiser + hair oil (+ pre-cleaser, if need be, for sunscreen removal)
  5. multi-purpose balm
    = lip balm + eye cream + hand cream
  6. sunscreen: BurnOut Ocean Tested SPF 30 (ZnO)
    = face + eye-area + body sunscreen
  7. 2nd, stick, sunscreen: BurnOut SPF 30 coconut-flavour lip balm (ZnO)
    = lip + eye area sunscreen
  8. deodorant (1): Naturally Fresh crystal rock spray (potassium alum aqu. soln.)
  9. deodorant (2): Desert Essence baby diaper cream / (later) Chagrin Valley solid deodorant cream


  1. mascara
  2. Silk Naturals foundation, , decanted into sample jar (or, later, their Sleep In A Jar concealer) = eye concealer
  3. lippie
  4. hairbrush, comb, lash-comb, mirror, nail-file, nail-scissors

All inside here:

Two reasons to love this bag:

1. the phrase “Portable Culture” on the name-brand-logo business on the front of a bag, and inside it,


It says “Made in USA”, “Made in USA” in Chinese, and “Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.” (translation below)


Translation: If it doesn’t fit in your knapsack, leave it behind.

For more, see the Tom Bihn FAQ

2. (label alas not in my own actual bag):

tom bihn label

UPDATE: for more on that label, see some ridiculousness (2012-08-17)


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