saga continues

Away from pleasant things like chocolate lipbalm and back to the unpleasantness that was yesterday’s “out of order” post. Over on MakeupAlley’s Green & Eco-Friendly Living Board… and updated somewhat since first posting earlier today…

COMMENT: if you have an ounce of sense, you do NOT try to defend the indefensible. Plead insanity, temporary insanity through inebriation, diminished responsibility through medical condition. There is no way that statement can be justified. Even “I didn’t mean it” shows callous carelessness, negligence as to the results, effects, repercussions of your actions (in which, yes, I include words). You will only dig yourself in further by saying anything at all other than “I’m sorry” or indeed nothing at all. The most proper course of action, in which dignity might be retained, would be to self-delete (silently) and, if you absolutely must return to MUA discussion, return quietly and discreetly, with an identity (and behaviour) as far distant from “bcakes” as possible. Yes, self-erasure and suicide. But, as any good civilised Greek or Roman could tell you, that’s more honourable and noble than formal state execution or the societal death of forced exile.

COMMENT: no, sorry, can’t be defended. Missing the point here. This is precisely NOT about the EWG: it’s about one of your fellow human-beings who is ill and deserves your sympathy, as a fellow human-being. What’s wrong with you? Even (to continue yesterday’s analogy) sick wolves do this? (OK, they also put each other down in mercy-killing, but that’s part of the same idea and is socially condoned and acceptable. Not to say killing people/each other is a good thing. But I’m digressing here: the point is that it’s about Abby. Not someone’s personal animosity towards Jetfan (the original poster back on the Skincare board), nor the EWG, nor standing up for the EWG against people who (*cough* justifiable and with proof and argument, y’know) knock it, nor taking a stand for the environment, and certainly not crowing and point-scoring. It’s about Abby.
Got it?

COMMENT: I have no idea what happened here. I can see that bcakes returned to defend the indefensible (that’s being charitable; given most of her past history–though, to be fair, not all–it’s more likely to be pissing on people again). It’s got to be clearly bad if LOOK: EVEN A TROLL GETS THE MESSAGE, SEES THE POINT, AND TELLS YOU THIS IS OUT OF ORDER.

UPDATE TO COMMENT: oops, I was too charitable. Here’s what bcakes had said–

you were the one promoting evil chemicils

–in response to the OP (Icaria); that message was flagged and removed by the community. See? that community thing again, social, solidarity, as highlighted in the out of order post yesterday. (There’s been some further to-ing-and-fro-ing, but not involving bcakes and going off in other directions…)

Meanwhile, back over on the Skincare Board…

And then our very own favourite Green troll joins the fray; late to the party, but as ever the sort of person who’ll kick-start a party that’s flagging, or reaching its natural conclusion, and inject it with renewed vigour. A few hours later and this would have been thread necrophilia, but let’s take time-zone differences and green board purple-haze-lag into consideration

xxxspell, 4/19/2012 3:10PM

I do not know what the situation is between those people and I don’t care

I do not have time to fallow other boards, also the messages have been removed.

Would be best if you left it between them instead of coming here so you can instigate further hatred. What you just did is just as bad!

COMMENT: Well, that’s nice of you. Not to mention constructive and a real contribution. Well worth writing and others reading. And sweetpea: if you can’t see why this was posted on the green board*, maybe, you know, for future reference, you should go have a think (or go grow a brain) before posting. Oh, and maybe try to find out before doing an “IDK but” post.

* i.e.: (1) to other MUAers on other boards who might not frequent SCB, warning them that there’s a dodgy troll in their midst–precisely for people like you who “do not have time to f[a]llow other boards”
+ (2) community and solidarity
+ (3) political implications for the green board, risking bringing green-ness into disrepute: this is a matter of politics and foreign policy

Oh, and on which topic of IDK… another latecomer to the party: the matter has reached the august ears of the Beauty Bash Board, whetting their discerning appetites: “I D[on’t] K[now] what this is about but […]

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