chocolate lipbalm recipe

From Boulevard Pink: DIY Belleza:

With thanks to icaria! Original post in Spanish, here’s my translation with a couple of tweaks:


  • 50 g dark chocolate
  • 1 teaspoonful (ish) of olive oil (or other oil of your choice; Pink suggests adding vitamin E oil for extra hydration. Whatever rocks your oily boat.)
  • 100 g cocoa butter


  • at least two hobs on a cooker/stove
  • two pots/pans
  • two heatproof bowls, smaller than the pans
  • water (tap)
  • two smallish cooking spoons/spatulas
  • at least four small containers (with screw-top lids)
  • a refrigerator


  1. Break up the chocolate and place it in one heatproof bowl, place it in a pan, surround with water (= bain-marie). Heat on gentle low setting/flame, stirring, until melted.
  2. Same procedure, different bowl and pan: melt the cocoa butter in a second bain-marie.
  3. Pour one teaspoonful (ish) of olive (or other) oil onto the melted chocolate, and stir it in.
  4. Pour the melted cocoa butter into the chocolate-olive-oil mix, and stir well to mix.
  5. Pour resulting molten goo of joy into your four small containers.
  6. Place the four containers in the fridge, and keep there until hardened. (It might be an idea to put cling-film/Saran wrap on top of each, if like me you’re clutzy and risk pouring goo everywhere…)
  7. Remove from fridge and add lids.

Keeps for around about 2 months.

Go see the original post for excellent step-by-step pictures, plus more comments (ex. one sweetie suggests that the balm wouldn’t last two days, let alone two months), recipes, strawberry lemonade, gorgeous pink hair, recipes for general happiness, and more!

Couple of other online DIY chocolate lip balm recipes (adaptable, ex. no essential oils): these all actually use chocolate, there’s a bunch more online using cocoa powder (hmmm), Devil’s Food Cake flavouring oil (eeps), etc.

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