reporting in

There's no such thing as too much protection, nor too much multi-tasking: here, some chocolate that won't melt in the sun

Not much to report, really. Work has caused busy-ness. Skin and so on doing their thing. Downside: one zit on side of nose, I blame myself for disrupted sleep and for experimenting with foundation, FOOLISH ME!!! Reason: I may have a job interview some point in the next couple of months, should look “appropriate,” thought it better to experiment now than right before the interview. Sensible, as it turns out. Will abandon experiment and go back to basics: Silk Naurals perfecting powder (or DIY equivalent) looks fine, and with some sense of “professional-looking” finish. Must remember to go for hair in a bun rather than in the usual plait/braid, though…

Been mainly using Badger unscented balm (= olive oil + beeswax) as undereye cream: I was contemplating cheating on shea butter and getting another actual eye cream, but then did the sensible thing of looking at ingredients in things that had worked in the past, decided to look for something that was basically waxy balm that melts on contact with skin, and lo! realised that as per usual, what I was looking for was sitting right in front of me already.

Still convinced Stila Glamoureyes is a great mascara.

Curelle Hydra shampoo turns out to be a great all-over wash: not just hair, but also face and body. The Riche conditioner is a good one too. Decided to dislike the Whole Foods 365 conditioner because it smells weird (the shampoo is weirder, though). Hey, first-world problems, what more can I say…

Still being keen on the idea of bathroom minimalism. My current most minimal is this:

  1. meadowfoam oil: eye makeup remover, hair oil, body moisturiser, shaving stuff, any other moisturising
  2. current shampoo: all-over face, body, and hair wash
  3. current conditioner: conditioner; oh, and pre-wash condition
  4. rosehip seed oil: antioxidant serum, sorta
  5. a moisturiser: face and whole eye area
  6. a balm: lip balm, undereye moisturiser
  7. sunscreen: also on eyelids
  8. lip sunscreen: also as under-eye and eye-corner sunscreen
  9. OK, then the anti-pong stuff kind of adds up:
    • potassium alum solution
    • thick ZnO baby butt paste
    • actual scent

Then please grant me some makeup. It doesn’t live in the bathroom, so I guess doesn’t count:

  1. mascara
  2. eyelid concealer
  3. lipstick

Chocolate update: been testing out Chuao ones, happened upon this lovely in one of my two regular local off-licences. I mean liquor stores. You amusing North Americans. I though the term was odd in the US: negative loading, as contrasted with assorted neutral terms? Prohibition-era scare-tactics? Tocqueville strikes again, still Puritanical as ever? But then, they call them that here too to be fair, and it’s Canada. Mind you, might be the Scottish Presbyterian influence in the previous century. Maybe sneaky anti-Catholic-and-other-drinking-cultures loading (anti-French, -Irish, -Ukrainian)? But it’s not logical, I mean they do sell much more than liquor. Could be confusing to moderate drinkers, first-timers, foreign tourists. Maybe that’s the plan? Keep all our marvellous BC wines here, and also force tourists to spend more money here by only drinking them in restaurants and other licensed premises?

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