some amazing new products

Fabulous. Such unique original formulations. And backed up by such an amazing person: so beautiful, generous, nice, such a wonderful human being and a role-model to us all. Lovely in all ways.

Sympathetic magic says: I must buy and use this stuff, because if I do, I migth become like her. More flat-footed magic also tells my to buy: this stuff won’t make me look younger but it’ll make me feel better? The lady is as smart as she is beautiful and good: that’s a secret hidden disguised drug reference, guys. Contains something that’s better than anti-ageing elixirs of eternal youth (with all its Benjamin Buttons risks).

Also, MUST BUY because, hey, it’s new and shiny and I don’t have it yet. For I am after all a girl, mustn’t forget that for a minute. And I have a moral—nay, ethical and political—obligation and responsibility to buy buy buy.

And, as InStyle puts it: “it’s right now” and “it’s right.” Well, the voice of reason and authority has spoken. My betters know best. I must obey my masters.

My thanks to MUA’s Skin Care Board for bringing this to my attention.

For more on this outstanding specimen of homo sapiens and—underlining the “sap” in “sapiens”—her contributions to civilization and The Greater Good: see here.

I’m feeling more and more sympathy for one of the regular Green Board trollistas, xxxspell, and thinking of her increasingly as a troll-in-process-of-metamorphosis: shifting from troll to person-who-does-some-trolling. Can’t and won’t forgive the N*** comments, though. Sorry. Hate crime is hate crime. But: what I do feel closer to is her main bee-in-bonnet trolling line: anti-consumerist, against over-consumption, consuming for the sake of consuming. In favour of reducing consumption, of fully using what we have (and all its parts), reusing, recycling. Eventually, saving money as well as resources. (Money, I’d add, that can be spent elsewhere: ex. charity.)

Free yourself from this, and the rest will follow

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