on green-ness

Something came up on MUA’s Green Board just now…

Timely, after I’d just been sympathising with xxxspell on here earlier… sort of and partly… This was re. a totally shoddy response from Bobbi Brown, on whether or not they’re testing products on animals (or having them tested on their behalf for sale on the Chinese market).On which topic, see other posts here from a month or so ago…

The start:

(BK, 4/3/2012 5:40PM) Wow. It takes a month & a half for a response from BB re: animal testing, & this is what I get?

—–Original Message Sent 2/17—–


I have used almost nothing but Bobbi for the past 10 years. Please, please tell me this news is completely false!:


I am a very conscious consumer, so while Bobbi may not conduct testing on her line in particular, I will not purchase from a line whose parent company does.

Thank you in advance.


—–The response I received just moments ago—–

Thank you for taking the time to contact Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown has a longstanding policy to not test on animals, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact Bobbi Brown. I sincerely hope I was able to be of assistance. Please know that your satisfaction and business is very important to us. We hope you will continue to look to Bobbi Brown for your essential beauty needs.


Consumer Care Representative
Global Consumer Communications

Follow Bobbi Brown on Twitter. Connect with Bobbi Brown and her artists for a fresh and modern approach to beauty.

This really is major BS. It’s a copy-paste of the publicly-available statement on BB’s website. The same one on EL’s one, and on the sites of all other companies in the group. Summary of thread:

Screenshot of the tricky later part of the discussion, where we moved over to green-ness:




xxxspell 4/4/2012 8:07PM

@g. There are no rules on makeupalley stopping people expressing their opinions is only rude because some people choose not to agree with me like some people who bring up the rules , terms of service whenever someone else has the has the higher ground and knows the facts.

I personally think forums like makeup alley don’t like people like you. Sure, some people find your advice useful, but by constantly interfering and influencing you create a situation where true consumer opinion gets cut short. That will make this board segment less of an interest for the “money makers “, and there could be some serious consequences where makeup alley’s reputation suffers. Don’t think for a second we’re not being observed !

Reading skills, comprehension/point-getting, social skills/point-scoring, neuroses, hysteria, paranoia: ooops, I’d forgotten this wasn’t high school kindergarten. How foolish of me. Correct response here is I believe “whatever.”

But I really can’t bring myself to lower the tone so drastically. There are some standards that must be maintained. Dignity. Integrity. (Yep, and sense. There is no reasoning with the irrational and unreasoning. We’ve been here below: see elsewhere in the Troll Archives for previous incidents. I’ve learned my lesson: DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THE TROLL. STEP AWAY FROM THE TROLL. TROLLS ARE TOXIC AND HAVE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES.)

And, OMFG, over on the Beauty Bash Board, this bit of trivial nonsense seems to be the first thing in weeks that’s moved discussion away from American Republican politics and back to beauty-bashing:

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