April Fool


Sorry to disappoint. Just the usual same old MakeupAlley nonsense. Some people really do have too much time on their hands. Yes, I know, I do too… guilty as charged… even though unless you’re really slow, screenshots take a matter of seconds and this kind of short post is the work of mere moments…




A close-up within item one:

Well, that really made a constructive contribution to the discussion. Snark for snark’s sake?* Bullying? Borderline thread necrophilia? High snark-art?** Standing up for truth, justice, honour, and decency?

Only you can decide.

Yes, it’s all most unnecessary. As is MakeupAlley. As is this blog, my writing it, and your reading it. And plenty other ornamental fluff that passes as culture and civilization, be it high or low… On which subject, in the immortal words of wisdom, spoken by a true gentleman:


ITEM THE FIFTH (of sorts)

* that being left ambiguous up to this point:
(a) sugarglazed 4:56PM
(b) icaria 5:09PM
(c) the ensuing sub-thread, comprising insidia’s reply (off topic but nice and consoling) and icaria’s reply to insidia (ditto, plus to any sensible reader of the thread, it’s clear that the matter has been resolved: point made and issue clear but feathers now smoothed down and back to on-topic business as usual)
(d) oldjuicywhore and the café thread 6:44-6:48PM
(e) TwoBostons 6:48PM (café) & 6:50PM (skin care)

** but probably less ambiguous by this point.

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