cruelty-free: some comments (3)

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In no particular order, except chronological, and simply copy-pasted over from discussions over the last while on MUA’s Green Board. With apologies to Enid Blyton:


Current state of affairs on animal testing in Europe: it is banned for development & production; the issue here is sales elsewhere, in countries requiring animal testing on products sold there.

Here’s a nice fairly straightforward explanation of the state of affairs in Europe:

The European Union […] law outlawing the sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals, regardless of whether or not they have been produced in the EU.

Starting in 2009, the majority of the tests conducted on animals to ensure the safety of cosmetic products — ranging from deodorant to hand cream and lip sticks — will be outlawed, with companies forced to use the alternative methods.

For those remaining tests where no alternative has been developed yet, companies will be given a grace period until 2013.,,756426,00.html
(old article, from when that law had been pased by the European Parliament and still had to go to the Council of Ministers, back in 2003. Long gone through that stage…)


Julian had been investigating Paula’s Choice; info and discussion extended over to the Green board by yours truly:

there’s a thread over on skincare might be of interest, an extension to the discussion of EL & Avon products being tested on animals (post-production, in China, for the Chinese market). The next move: should we then avoid products *sold* on the Chinese market?

Josh took some most illuminating web archive screenshots, to track how the Paula’s Choice statements on animal testing had changed; being a case in point of a company that claims to be cruelty-free but sells their products in China. Turns out there’s some double-standards (or full hypocrisy) going on. Have a look here (whole thread, expanded version):

The web archive search:
I thought I should share that info here, as it’s an exceptionally useful tool for this kind of research, catching companies out in everything from policy-changes–which might of course be for the good–to downright lies. The sort of thing people here would be just as interested in!

One word of warning from Julian:

The thing with the web archive is that it is very easy for site owners to +

completely disable all previous archived versions of their site, so some discretion should be advised in alerting companies to this.

If you do use it for research, it’s probably best to grab screen shots of the results in case companies do disable it.

Here’s screenshots of that thread, plus links to the images therein (linking to Julian’s MUA profile, these being his screenshots c/o the Web Archive):


    • Sandra Sepulveda

      Paula’s Choice is only sold in Hong Kong where cruelty free cosmetics can be sold. Please check your facts before you post. Thanks.

      • gingerama

        Hi Sandra,

        I did check my facts, at the time of posting (May last year). That was actually one of the points of the post, if you should care to re-read it attentively.

        My information was correct at the time of posting. Please note also that, as is always the case with any kind of writing–blog posts, science (and other) journal articles, literature reviews and metadata analyses, and indeed press reports–statements/comments/utterances are made in relation to reality/ies at the time of posting.

        Things may change. In the case of Paula’s Choice, they did (that being a second major point of the post). It is, as ever, nice to see them change again and in ever more positive directions (I also looked at the main PC site and the HK site myself, just to double-check…)

        This is a large blog, with many posts. But, in the interests of practicality, you’ll see that I do update some of the longer reference-list-ones from time to time: cruelty-free resources, the big list of cruelty-free mascaras, and the annual Earth Day Special Green-ish Lists, for example, and the main reference link pages.

        Hope that helps and explains!

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