mad mascara experiments

Some more mascaras tested / retested out recently:

  • Benecos: who knows, might have been great, but irritating scent. The wand approached my nose. I sneezed. Wand got no closer to eye, except for depositing a blob of mascara on my cheek while I was sneezing and hand was wobbling. Skin on cheek no happier with the blob than my nose had been with the whiff that preceded it. Out it goes.
  • Logona: ditto, minus flinging blobs around.
  • Silk Naturals: first impression: quite pleasant, and somewhat like Clinique Naturally Glossy and other discreet sorts of mascara. But: dry, crumbly, flaky, clumpy. Brush is poor. Good idea, needs work…
  • Stila Glamoureyes: excellent. Smudge-proof, pretty water-reisistant if not fully waterproof, leave slashes very silky soft (but staying in place). Actually feels very like Reviva Labson the lashes, not surprising as the formulae are pretty similar. Comparison:
    • Reviva Labs mascara ingredients:
      water, beeswax, copolymer, isododecane, PEG-20, sorbitan, beeswax, glyceryl stearate S.E., wheat germ oil, magnesium silicate, kaolin, cetyl phosphate, carnauba, stearyl alcohol, panthenol, cetyl alcohol, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, sodium dehydroacetate. May contain iron oxides, mica, titanium dioxide, ultramarine blue.
    • Stila Glamoureyes ingredients:
      water, sucrose stearate, beeswax, c18-36 acid triglyceride, acacia senegal gum, glyceryl stearate, carnauba wax, acrylates/ethylhexyl acrylate copolymer, candelilla wax, pvp, propanediol, xanthan gum, acrylates copolymer, laureth-21, aminomethyl propanol, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, sodium dehydroacetate. May contain iron oxides, ultramarines.

    But Glamoureyes has a better brush: bushier, finer bristles, really thickens up and fans out the lashes. Nifty trick: the brush just about fits into the Reviva tube (doesn’t close quite tight enough to just swap the two over directly), so can be used as an external brush, cleaning it and letting it dry between uses. I’m not doing this every day, as I’m lazy and usually in a rush in the morning, but will do it from time to time. Given the lack of discernable difference between the two mascaras, though, I’d stick with the Reviva: about 1/4 or 1/5 of the price.

  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes: still a no: clumpy, dry, and terrible brush. Sorry Tarte. Go back to the drawing-board. Try again, and try harder. To everyone else: don’t waste your money…

Benecos and Logona were samples. I should have known better: the ingredient lists clearly say they’re scented, and I know I’ve not got a good track record on scented mascara (old Lavera one was OK, Dr.Hauschka terrible). Having seen their ingredient list, I won’t be testing out Sante for this reason. I’ll also not be testing out Phyt’s or Alverde: the former has no fragrance, the latter do (not just rose, citrussy ones too), but both contain shellac which is an irritant on me; for ingredients, see here and here for Phyt’s and here for Alverde, pages 1-2. For all of these (plus other “greener” ones like them off my cruelty-free list): sorry, but I know my testing limits, and I’m not going to apply things to my eyes that already have me sneezing and my eyes streaming before the wand had progressed any closer to my lashes than 10-15 cm away.

This is why such things should not be tested on (other, unconsenting) animals. I can say “stop” and “no.” As I’m doing with some mascaras. A restrained rabbit cannot.

One I would try:

  • Mosqueta’s: for further information, see also mondebio and boutiquebio, decent French online “greener” beautyporia.
    Has scent, but it’s just rose oil, so probably OK (for moi anyway) as that’s usually OK on me.

Moral of the story and happy ending: like with the new monstrous Stila/Reviva hybrid, don’t be afraid to Franken up your mascara.

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