Well, the season is upon us. The Cherry Blossom Festival is just around the corner (in two weeks). Airborne blooms and their pollen are upon us.

The bad news: back on cetirizine. Itching, some normally happy parts swollen and irritable.

Other bad news: experiment with Silk Naturals Vitamin C & Peptide Serum coming to an end. Irritation. Back to rose hip seed oil as an antioxidant serum of sorts.

The good news: some of my other diagnosed allergies have diminished (in that a low dose is OK, my tolerance has increased). One of them is aloe vera. This is good news, as I’m now allowed back on my favourite hair stuff—Avalon Organics olive & grapeseed moisturizing fragrance-free shampoo & conditioner—which is cheaper than what I’d been using recently—Free & Clear (Canada=Cliniderm: nice stuff, though, worked well on my hair and scalp).

UPDATE: famous last words. Avalon Organics is back out again. Slight swelling and redness on scalp plus itching after using second use of the shampoo. Sigh.

I’ll also be poking back into “greener” face moisturisers containing aloe vera, though it can’t be too high up the ingredient list. Nice, as there’s very little out there without aloe vera. Less nice, as most stuff with aloe vera contains quite a lot of it high up the list.

UPDATE: No, I won’t. At least not without bringing in lists of ingredients to a doctor first. No experimenting on self without proper grown-up supervision!

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