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Experimented with Vanicream Cleansing Bar.

Initial results (48 hours): good.

Then clogging.

And the start of zits: face, arms, back. The kind where there’s a slight bump under the skin.

Nothing major, and not full-on dramatic irritation.

Back to A-Derma cleansing bar, and all is well. So much for my “cheap, unscented, minimalist, cruelty-free” experiment to liberate myself from my soapy thralls. I’m still cruelty-free, but stuck with pricier and slightly more complicated.


Stila Smudge Pot in Bronze. Gel eyeliner, to replace Bobbi Brown (in the doghouse for cruelty-free issues). Very nice indeed. Pretty waterproof (more so than Silk Naturals in Mahogany, otherwise a very similar colour), easier to use for tightlining than a stick/pencil.

Shade: a medium gold-flecked brown. Very like Tarte’s Amazonian Clay gel liner in Bronze, actually (but about half the price: or, same price for twice the quantity).

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