cruelty-free resources (March-April 2012, updated January 2013)

(from the aptly-named Bruce M’s Enlightened Conflict: Where ignorance is the enemy)

Updated version, combined with the contents of a previous post. I’ll copy-paste some of this over onto the links, too, at a later date.

LAST UPDATED: January 2013

Downloadable and/or searchable resources I’d bookmarked more recently:


Another classic bunny: but with less of the leaping...

Cruelty-free searching resources worldwide, plus a few bargain more-generally-environmentally-conscious and -consciousness-raising sites:

COMING UP NEXT: the giant hairy woolly mammoth list of cruelty-free mascaras! more testing of Diptyque Philosykos!

...or this: yours for only $100. Features: Delicious rich creamy chocolate--Calory & fat free--Holds a sugar paste carrot--Transferrable - Great Easter Gift--Wear to eat- Animated

Image at top: Bruce McTague

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