moisturiser update

Back to A-Derma Skin Care Cream.

Was recently using:

  • Cliniderm/Vanicream Soothing Cream
  • CeraVe Cream
  • a sample of Vitec cream (Vanicream)

All lovely in their own ways (though the Cliniderm/Vanicream one can be odd: heavy, can even be greasy, yet not good at retaining moisture), but I just like the A-Derma one best right now. Also, there’s a tube that needs to be used up; it had been living at work for ages, for moisturising hands after washing,  not being used very fast, but was down to its last dregs. Tube rolled down and around into a curious surreal shape. Decided to bring it home and finish it off. Turned from coup de grâce to reconversion…

Meadowfoam seed oil also mixes better in with it than it does with the others listed above: for upping moisture (ex. yesterday it was a bit colder than usual here in Van), rather than just slapping some oil under moisturiser.

So: back to an old favourite for the Greater Face Are: face, eye-area, neck, throat, bust. Not throwing the others out or anything dramatic like that: still using them (especially Cliniderm) for off-face areas.

That’s all. Over and out.

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