update (2): emails sent

Dear Sirs,

I will no longer be purchasing your products, nor recommending them to others, until I have been satisfactorily reassured that you are not testing your products or their ingredients on animals: that is, as a company as a whole, and on all markets worldwide.

Your current corporate policy is simply not up to standard for ethical consumers, as highlighted by PETA’s statement released earlier today. As someone who has bought your products for two decades, and done so precisely because you claimed to be an ethical choice, I am sorely disappointed. I quote the Estee Lauder official policy:

committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer health and safety, and bringing to market products that comply with applicable regulations in every country in which our products are sold. We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. […] Estée Lauder fully supports the development and global acceptance of non-animal testing alternatives. To this end, the Company works extensively with the industry at large and the global scientific community to research and fund these alternatives.

I should add that, as a long-term supporter of your company, I am not only disappointed but disgusted. Customers have been duped, especially those who depend on resources such as the PETA and Caring Consumer / Leaping Bunny lists of cruelty-free companies. We have been unwittingly led into collusion with the immoral practices against which many of us have been campaigning actively for many years. This is an abuse of consumers’ good faith; a cynical manipulation; using us to your own ends.

This places your company in a worse moral position than Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever. They were at least consistently forthright and straight about their animal testing practices.

I am afraid that I have no option, in the interests of my own conscience, but to cease buying your products and, actively and proactively, to encourage everyone I know, including fellow ethical consumers online, to follow suit.

You have lost a long-term loyal customer unnecessarily, through dishonesty.

Yours faithfully,

“Ginger O’Rama”

Sent to:

  • Aveda
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Clinique
  • Estee Lauder
  • MAC
  • Origins

Full list of EL group companies/brands:

American Beauty
Bobbi Brown
Bumble and bumble
Donna Karan
Ermenegildo Zegna
Estée Lauder
GoodSkin Labs
Grassroots Research Labs
Jo Malone
La Mer
Lab Series Skincare For Men
Michael Kors
Sean John
Tom Ford
Tommy Hilfiger

[comments coming up in next post]


  1. Phil

    Still have 3 products from the EL group in rotation, but I won’t be buying those again..
    So sad for my tom ford perfume -loved it!- but it has to go once it’s empty. A big step backwards imo as there is proof already that we don’t need animal testing. Plenty of companies do without so why shouldn’t they be able to. Money? Probably.

    • gingerama

      Ah, but there I was thinking (and saying): see? you don’t need to torture poor bunny wabbits. If EL MegaCorp can make good stuff without needing to do that, then anyone can.

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