some recent favourites

and other bookmarked things, mostly from (doing some Link-Love):

Sacred Cows: What Beauty Product or Brand Are you Honestly Turned off by? (

Modern conundrum: should I Wax my Hoo Haa? Or is it ok to have a Furry Gee Like Harry Potter Says? (the same): featuring an item of sublime brilliance c/o the comments:

Armchair Voyeur: A Look at some of my Muji Storage & Beauty Bits (ditto): not alone in my love for (and lust after) all things Muji and storage…

Make Your Own Natural Deodorant: Recipe and Tips (ditto); someone‘s been reading MUA, methinks…

Shame: The Alternative Hilarious Movie Posters. I’m sure I bookmarked some more somewhere else, will have a rummage around and see if I can find them…

10 New & Pale Foundations for Irish + Celtic Skintones: Pictures & Swatches

The Counter Culture: The Other Side Of The Experience – Assistants Tell All Part #1

The Counter Culture: The Other Side Of The Experience – Assistants Tell All Part #2

And of course the finest thing about 50 Fine Things 2012 is Coming & We Predict Short Odds on The Following … and more along similar gorgeous lines:


  1. Phil

    I just love reading customer stories & their counterparts.
    Always entertaining to see how we annoy the other party & ruin their day.

    • gingerama

      Oh, I totally agree. I’d like to think the web’s accumulating a wonderful collection of such stories. And when you add in that truth is stranger than fiction… well. So long as thw web’s still around, future generations will always have fun Tall Tales of Yore. We bear a responsibility to these future generations: it’s out bounded duty to post up everything that might possibly be useful, edifying, and good for their souls revealing and entertaining.

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