sunscreens: egad, LOL, and the need to calm the hell down

—in the interests of blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks, and protecting and promoting general health and sanity.

Over on the MUA Skin Care Board, sunscreen is a hot topic. Sometimes gets very heated. Often the most impassioned people are sincere, to the point of extreme bravery and the risk of flouting The Rules and getting themselves Deleted (a fate worse than actual death in the real world, you understand). Take for example this exchange, a classic case of lots of people being simultaneously right and in the right, complicated by misreadings, misinformation, misconstruals, misinterpretation, and any other sorts of misunderstandings you might care to mention:

I got to the party too late to comment (alas, work: my loss, doubtless everyone else’s gain, including work…). My only comment would be to praise my friend the elfin one to the high heavens for her courtesy, tolerance, and good humour. A real lady.

There should always be room for discussion and disagreement: but reasonably and rationally.

Be nice to one another and look after (and out for) each other, guys…

On a happier and constructive note: some useful new-ish stuff on sunscreens and not caving to the craven fear of nanoparticles, and knee-jerk irrational reactions, playing into the hands of fear-mongers and letting The Bad Guys win:


  1. Phil

    I was there but suchetab was saying most of the things I wanted to say, so I let her 🙂
    What people forget is that the forum is a stage, and we’re sure busy bees behind the scenes.. discussing various topics haha

    Shall I send a pigeon next time when the fun starts?

    • gingerama

      Yes indeed…happy fun times… probably best observed at a safe distance, wearing full safety gear…
      Re. pigeons: nice idea, and might work. While at work, I switch off electronic communicative devices (sort of have to, in the nature of my line of work) and then check messages/emails/rest of outside world/parallel universes like MUA sporadically in in-between moments and other downtime. Can’t say more about IRL stuff, but let’s just say that in any job, having a courier/carrier pigeon fly in and deliver a message would be fabulous. Plus bonus entertainment value for all concerned…

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