scent of a ginger woman

I like many smells: most of them not on me, though.

How to pickle a ginger: 60 ml dark rum + ginger beer + lime (squeezed and wedged). Repeat until "The Dark And Stormy" is equally applicable to both the drink and the drinker.

Food, drinks, flowers, old books, proper libraries, local BC cedar forests in the rain or afterwards, the sea (pretty much anywhere), old-fashioned herb-gardens in damp weather, spices being cooked up in the morning, some humans, wet wool or leather (yes, a pretty rare “like”), mothballs (ditto), cedar and other woods up close, beeswax, freshly-cut grass (until sneezing sets in) and green-ness, earth/soil and earthiness, and of course ginger.

But: there’s issues. Some allergies. Some lower-grade irritation from certain ingredients. Add in skin that turns scents sweet, often saccharine sweet. And a preference for solid perfume balms, cos of alcohol irritation.

Also, even if I find something I like the smell of, it’s also got to feel like “me.” And be compatible with other scents around me, especially edible ones. I eat out quite a lot (Vancouver being a hotbed of gastronomy) and will often go scent-free, so as to be able to smell and thus taste food and drink properly.

Old stuff I’ve used before, including usual alcohol-based perfumes, earliest ones first:

  • Anaïs Anaïs
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Lily of the Valley
  • Floris Lily of the Valley
  • Floris Elite (men)
  • some old Body Shop men’s stuff
  • Floris Fleur
  • Dior Dune
  • Clarins Eau Dynamisante (the one I’ve worn off and on for longest, in various forms, inc. the lovely but rare oil)
  • Origins Ginger
  • Roger & Gallet Ginger
  • Jo Malone: Nutmeg & Ginger, Wild Fig & Cassis, Black Vetyver Café
  • Acqua di Parma (various)
  • and a bunch of colognes: 4711, Neal’s Yard, Santa Maria Novella, etc.
  • and some vetyvers and fougères
  • L’Occitane Thé Vert & the Jasmine version
  • L’Occitane Eau des Quatre Reines / Rose
  • L’Occitane Eau des Baux, Vetyver, Cedar (and at least one other of their men’s, ages before, name forgotten and possibly extinct)

More recent solid ones:

  • L’Occitane Thé Vert
  • L’Occitane Eau des Baux solid deodorant, used as a perfume solid
  • Pacifica Mediterranean Fig
  • Pacifica Lotus Garden

I’ve liked Mediterranean Fig for a while: it works well with what gets politely called my “body chemistry” a.k.a. personal perverse skankifying screwing-up of perfectly lovely scents (in the bottle, on a wafty bit of paper, on someone else).

But to err is human. Not claiming that to be fickle is necessarily female; I do resent that sort of pathetic excuse for thinking. Nope: less gender-specific: a change is as good as a rest, and other stuff along similar lines (also: these and these, without going the whole hog into the Personal Growth Industry–no, NOT Viagra: minds out of gutters, please…). Anyway: recently, I got together with some friends and tested out a bunch of stuff, mostly but not all off Etsy. If buying sample / tester-sizes to try out, clubbing together is a very good way to do it. We each found at least one thing to like. Here’s a largish list, a mix of my own favourites and others I quite liked; still thinking about what to do next on the purchasing-decision side (and I admit that I still like my cheap and cheerful Fig): hope it’s useful for anyone else out there looking out for no-alcohol solid perfumes:

Bonus links to fab sites on the art of perfumery coming up later.

fresh young ginger: yet to be available in captive form (as a solid scent, I mean)

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