site update

New design, with some tweaks to layout. “No shit, Sherlock” says the reader…

As often happens with cleaning and tidying, some things have been thrown out:

As is also often the case with cleaning and tidying, some things have been scrunched up and swept into a corner, out of sight:

  • the search box, links, and pages about the blog and blogueuse are now at the bottom of the page
  • the palettes that used to be at the bottom (those there above) have now been reallocated to the sticky current affairs post
  • and the list of pages (inc. those pages and pages of links) also now appear there too.

I don’t think I’ve lost anything or inadvertently thrown any precious treasure out. Mind you, this is of course just “a blog about beauty, superficiality, and appearances […] the superficial beauty of appearances.” ‘Nuff said. Also, as they say, famous last words. Only a matter of time before I find out what’s gone missing.

Irritation, annoyance, grievance, snarking, etc. about the current layout? Found what I’ve accidentally binned and dare to tell me? Comment below…


  1. Phil

    I find this much easier to read + it looks more modern. A bit like an online magazine!
    Carry on đŸ˜‰

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