and no effing ribbons:

Komen and co. have brought the colour into disrepute (and Barbie and antifeminist co. before them), but I won’t be taking down the pink blossom on the banner of this here present site: a rose is a rose, pink is just pink, and why should sweet innocent cherry blossoms—which have been around for thousands of years before SBK was a twinkle in parental eyes—why should cherry-blossom suffer for someone else’s sins?

Call to arms: for subversion, reappropriation, queering! Pink is still a colour like any other: its aesthetic qualities are primary!

More than that: Revolt against the politicization of colour!

More still: it’s time for rehabilitation. Help cherry-blossom to stand up for itself and reclaim, reaffirm, re-establish, and dammit regain and return to its identity. Restitute cherry-blossom’s rightful pinkness, and pink’s righteous cherry-blossomness.

Rights vs. robbery!


Looking forward to cherry-blossom, on a happier note: some point between March and April, Vancouver blooms. It’s a major attraction. Seriously: you can do cycle-tours of the main residential streets that have old cherry-trees. The progress of blossoming is tracked and mapped. Even Japanese tourists will go out of their way to see the blossom, and it’s one of the peak times of year for their visits. That’s high praise indeed, given that their country is basically the best place in the world ever for cherry-blossom and its proper due veneration.

We even have an Official Festival:

see? serious.

Cherry Blossom Umbrella Dance flash mob. Haiku Invitational (submissions: 1 March – 1 June this year). This is very, very, very serious indeed.

Time for a cheery cherry tree, methinks (from the VCBF photo collection):

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