Image above links to further Star Wars Jokes c/o Home and Away: My blog about life when I travel and when I am at home (machita75)

Wise, the following, think I this item of BBBing might be:

(couldn't find a direct clickable link to The Force, so The Source for this t-shirt will have to do)

Expanding some bits:

I’m normally realy against bashing, but I’ve totally HAD IT with Cafe. Been there several years, and it’s gotten to be too much. Need to vent somewhere. Sure, there are some really funny/cool ladies there, but overall, the overly PC thing is just ridiculous. The “uppity” argument was totally insane, especially the people who flipped over people not KNOWING what “uppity” meant and calling them racists. Not to mention everything is considered “rape” or “abuse”, and some people on there really seem to despise all men. A woman can do no wrong on there, but if a man steps out of place for one second, he’s “abusive”. And since when are single women in their 30s and 40s the best people to get relationship advice from? It seems like 70% of the people on there have had some awful experience with a man, and I know a lot were molested as kids, and they’re all drudging it up to hate on all men for eternity. And some people are so into being the “popular” kids on MUA. WHO CARES? Plus, if you ask for fashion advice, everything is too “cheap”. Have they considered not everyone is a fancy fabulous lawyer making gazillions of dollars a year? Some of us have kids and bills to pay and we can’t afford Hermes! End rant. sry. That felt good!

(click image for a soothing and creative Way to Calmness)

I haven’t posted on there in well over a year; it will be 10 years this spring that I’ve been a member.The people I’ve chosen to stay in contact with I either see in person or on FB.
It’s a lot of groupthink,tends to be superficial and catty and not what I need at this time in my life.All my $ goes to health care bills right now-not the latest status item.
I’m not skinny,far from rich,I don’t hate men (if you’ve had bad experiences,aren’t YOU to blame for your choices? I think that *I* am for sure.) It’s HS all over again sometimes.
I agree with you 100%.

(anon) "Yup. This is how I picture most MUAers ++++++++"

Alternative MUA (and other) relief, c/o Yoda: what looks like a splendid book:

The Origami Yoda website offers instructions (from the book) on making your very own Origami Yoda Finger-Puppet like the one on the book-cover above. At least as useful as these finger-puppets featured previously here on Gingerrrama/Praise of Folly. And the subject of quite a cult internet following:

click image for link to The Instructions: as close to The Original Source Of The Force as I dare to go...

… OK, apart from this here video clip:

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  1. Liaiquatt

    Mage: Magic is her thing in Dungeon Fighter online. The choices of weapons you have are staves, poles, rods and broomstick. Mages can further advance into Elementalist, Summoners, Battle Mages, and jokes

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