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Found the following gem while perusing MUA Cafe Board: they had quite justly/justifiably picked up on it, from over on the Fashion board:

Hilarity aside: even the *fashion* board has its limits on tolerable folly. When folly becomes idiocy. In this case, we’re close to terminal idiocy: on a more serious medical note, this person ought maybe to be in sheltered accommodation and protected, for their own good.

One of the thinga that often strikes me on MUA is how people can be amazingly stupid about money. First, there’s the ethics of, say, buying Crème de la Mer: the price of which would build a well for a small village, train a teacher in the developing world, buy a lot of emergency food for your fellow human-beings in Somalia, and so on.

Then there’s the greedy neediness of buying stuff simply because, you know,

Free yourself from this, and the rest will follow

And all that “being worth it” crapola (see tag cloud or search this here blog for “worth it” or “l’oréal” for more).

Silly spending is all too easily exacerbated by ease of access to what looks like easy credit. But credit’s never easy. It’s always hard, will knock you hard at some point, and is always always always a Faustian pact with someone who, no, does not have your best interests at heart. They have their best interests at heart, through robbing you blind c/o, well, interest. Usury” in other language, and in many religions and their associated ethical systems: a sin, forbidden, condemned. BAD.

Yes, I’m enough of a black-hearted (red-hearted?) leftie to think that people ought not to be able to freely exploit other people; that activities should be subject to regulation from some higher authority: be that central government, council of wise old women, or otherwise; that there are limits to valid free consent (especially if a person’s been misled, seduced, taken for a ride, tricked); and that things like credit should be very regulated indeed and people should be protected. Humans are human: Plastic Power doesn’t turn them magically into Super Humans with superhuman powers of clearer thinking and vision.

These things are sadly true of an awful lot of MUAing. They bug me. Have done for ages. Were one of the reasons for starting up this here blog, so as to rant away in a way that I couldn’t on MUA without becoming a one-trick grouch who was slipping over the edge into “trolling.” As opposed to “being a troll” (on which distinction, see tags bottom left). When I started the blog, it might have been–and at that stage I didn’t care either way–a little corner of the online world where no-one went except me; turns out there are indeed Gentle Readers, though, they’re not just a rhetorical device. How nice.

But I digress.

As per blinking usual.

What’s different about this post is the pointed attack on some posters who use MUA as a free service. Once upon a time, keen to build some sort of reputation for myself as a found of wisdom and solid source of support, sensible advice, and reliable tips: once upon a time I’d go off and research all sorts of things in reponse to people’s questions. Even if it wasn’t anything I did, or could, use myself. Especially then: as I’d be impartial. It was pure research: for the sake of finding stuff out, discovering and communicating information, increasing the sum total of human knowledge. Which is also, by a happy coincidence, fun. Cos I’m a geek. Making it a bit less philanthropic and self-sacrificing when I get some pleasure out of it.

Now, I do still do this from time to time, if a question seems intriguing and whets the intellectual appetite. But I seem to have reached a MUAing stage where a hardening of heart (and ebullient puppy inquisitiveness) settles in. If it’s a stupid question, or something that could be found out in two seconds c/o Google and/or Wikipedia: I used to say so. Plus “don’t be such a lazy stupid git,” translated into something more decorous and diplomatic. Now I just ignore the question. If someone says “git” etc., I’ll 2nd. If it looks like a trolly dolly type, especially if asking questions about items that are more fraught, have been topics of recent debate, are very much love/hate–Crème de la Mer, mineral oil, Pond’s Cold Cream, assorted oils, some sunscreen stuff, parabens–I’ll keep an eye out for (and research and sniff around for) any other evidence of trolling. Sadly, this means new accounts are very suspect.

But otherwise, I’m hitting a stage of “don’t care.” Not even saying “go and find out for yourself” unless the individual concerned keeps on asking. Unsure what to do when the only appropriate answer would be “seek medical attention” or “there’s not hope until brain-transplant surgery is perfected.” See the quite extraordinary bohogirl10 for further details. A special snowflake, that one.

For an alternative quipfire approach, the sublime nitromusk:

That’s another useful one to add to the response-reportory: “to quote the great nitromusk,…”

See, nitromusk is a great source of comfort to me. Quite aside from sometimes being on MUA less anyway cos of work, and then popping in from time to time to see what’s up: I’m usually there after or between bits of work, when checking Facebook and email from friends and doing any online shopping. That’s downtime. And in my own time I resent offering myself up to research stuff for people. Sure, it makes me feel happy, and happy about myself, for doing something for other people. But it’s being used by people.

As sensible wise people will point out, there’s no-one forcing me to do research for anyone else, or respond to a post, or read it in the first place. I’ve collected together a bunch of decent responses to frequent points (skin & green boards); not all of them are by the great and glorious moi by the bye. The better to copy-paste, link, and sometimes just say “see favourites.” Increasingly, I ignore. It’s rare, after all, that this is a matter of life and death. (Though sometimes it’s worth saying “go see a doctor” or “CALL AN AMBULANCE RIGHT NOW.”)

You see, part of my job involves research. So I know that research is a service and a job. For pay. MUA is a leisure hobby relaxing entertaining thing. If I do any research for no pay, it’s going to be because it’s not work-work (same relationship to “work” as “rape-rape” is to “rape”) and I feel like it: for myself, for MUA friends, for people who seem genuinely new and lost and in need of help (cute soulful lost puppies, maybe a bit weepy). And will get angry with people who don’t recognize lost waifs and strays when they see them, and start recommending whole Regimens, Routines, cults, exotic exclusive stuff, myths, quackery, and other exploitative snares out to trap the weak and fragile, and bleed them dry.

But no, I’m not going to do any pro bono for for anyone else. ThisIsMyOtherName is spot on. I’m simply going to link to it from now on, every time I think it’s this sort of situation. Link c/o image; any other MUAers reading this and irritated by frequent requests by spoiled brats for personal shopping, copy and paste ye this:

Text to copy-paste:


You have gotten some tremendously helpful advice here, but you need to take some time to figure some things out on your own. We’re talking about BOOTS here, not brain surgery.

Some of your responses below are insane. You’re “not good at stuff” like measuring your calves? Are you for real? What you’re saying is that essentially, you are too lazy to take the time to figure out the circumference of your calves. If you don’t have a tape measure, use a string and a ruler. It’s not hard.

We have no idea what size calves you have. From the look of your pictures, they look pretty normal. You can ask questions on the internet all day long, but at the end of the day, you really need to take some time to solve this problem on your own. YOU ARE A GROWN WOMAN. Go to shoe stores. Try on everything you can find. Order from some place like Zappos or Endless. They ship for free and offer free returns.

Stop treating this website like your personal dressing service. Everyone is different; what works for someone else might not work for you. At some point, you have to learn to make some decisions for yourself.

You have gotten SO MUCH wonderful advice here, yet you ignore all of it and continue to expect us to answer your endless questions. It’s getting old. It looked like things were getting better for awhile, but you’re back to your old Superbass ways. 😦

Message by ThisIsMyOtherName on Fashion Board, 1/21/2012 2:06PM

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