fragrance-free hair care

OK, I’m officially a Cliniderm / Free & Clear convert. Maybe their stuff’s improved since I last used in. Maybe my hair, scalp, etc. have changed. Who knows. But it’s jolly good and I’m happy.

By “good” and “happy” I mean:

  • the shampoo and conditioner are much more concentrated than the others I’d used recently: I use about 1/3 as much
  • the shampoo cleans more efficiently. I do the 2-wash thingie:
    • stage 1 (takes seconds): apply a little to damp hair, just very approximately, scalp only (it won’t lather); rinse
    • stage 2: apply a little more, again scalp only; massage around (gently) with finger-tips; pile up on head and leave to sit for about a minute, while washing rest of self; rinse
    efficient but gentle: post-shampoo, hair is clean, there’s that slight squeak, but scalp is calm and hair isn’t rough and tangly
  • no impact on surrounding skin (neck, ears, behind ears, back, shoulders, bits of face); except that eczema on neck and scalp is gone gone gone!!!
  • the conditioner conditions: both post-shampoo and (cos I have long hair) pre-shampoo; in both cases, applying to the hair lengths only. Some conditioner finds its way to nearer the roots, but not applying it there directly to avoid flat limp greasiness. Conditioner rinses out well.
  • very little hair has come out during the washing process…
  • after-effects: hair is splendidly detangled, and stays that way; can be combed through easily while damp; dries (naturally) fast
  • shiny, smooth, no flat limpness, no flyaways (OK: no crazy volume either, but I can do without that), wavy bits are wavy rather than frizzy. Note that I’m mixing in argan oil with the conditioner, though, and I’ve had excellent results with it on the anti-frizz front.
  • hair stays like this for 3 days; previously, got 2 then 1 day out of an Earth Science wash, and up to 3 days with Avalon Organics (but with increasingly dry ends)
  • by the end of the three days and need for a wash: hair is slightly greasy at the roots, but scalp feels–well, I don’t feel anything: no itchiness–and the length and ends feel much the same, not dry

You may now call me Princess Shinylocks.

No, it’s not super-green: but it’s minimalist, low environmental impact (biodegradability, water-system and food-chain compatibility, soil damage–well, let’s call a spade a spade, properly and scientifically: actual bona fide “toxicity”), no animal ingredients, and cruelty-free.

Some greener-looking stuff next, and then a big general list.

Previously on MUA Green board (October 2011):

suggestions for unscented shampoo & conditioner

Avalon Organics (current fave)
Desert Essence
Earth Science
Green People
Jason (their aloe is very mild too)
John Masters Organics Bare
Lavera Neutral shampoo
Whole Foods 365

My old list (June 2011): includes stuff I can’t use now (and wouldn’t rave about…):

“greenish” shampoo & conditioner / hair-raves

Currently using fragrance-free, due to sensitivities and eczema, except added rose EO (one of the few I can always use) to conditioner.

[…] not just fragrance-free:

—ABBA s&c: the gentle range, and the Colour one
—Alba Botanica coconut range (for moisture)
—Aubrey Organics GPB, rose, chamomile, JAY, desert thingie, camelia ranges: dep what scents you can take.
—Avalon Organics: have been using their olive & grapeseed unscented s&c for ages, great stuff.
—Aveda (dep. scent): Brilliant, Damage Remedy, Shampure, Smooth infusion
—Beauty Without Cruelty: if OK with scent, the moisturising s&p, and the revitalizing leave-in c
—Burt’s Bees: the green tea & fennel one (yes, it says for dyed nice, moist)
—Desert Essence fragrance-free and coconut
—Earth Science unscented range; the others look decent too (sensitive allergic type here, generally avoid fragrance with very few exceptions)
—EO: the rose range and the chamomile one
—Hugo: coconut for moisture, other good ones too
—Jason: unscented, aloe, hemp, kids, poss other ranges too
—John Masters Organics conditioners: currently using the Bare one. Their honey hibiscus restructuring shampoo is IME the only decent s they make (the others were tangling, stripping, meh at best, bad at worst)
—L’Occitane: the aromachology one for dry/damaged, the olive (Rameau d’or), and the shea line are worth a try; much depends on your tolerance of scents
—NatureClean: good unscented stuff; OK, usable (not moist enough for me)
—Nature’s Gate: herbal, hemp, jojoba ranges (and others): worth a look-sniff-test
—The Body Shop: ditto–ranges have been changing quite a bit recently.
—Whole Foods 365 own-brand: OK fragrance-free (no great shakes), perfectly usable (not moist enough for me)

Others that would be harder to get hold of (non-US, online):
—Faith In Nature
—Green People
—Lavera: the almond shampoo, and the Basis and Rose ranges
—Urtekram: pretty much any of them, great stuff (have used unscented, aloe, chamomile, rose, rosemary)

In the US, look also at Trader Joe’s (we don’t have it here, so I can’t comment).

Sneaky cheat on shampoos:
Many body washes, esp. if gentler & lower pH, double up well as shampoos.

Sneaky cheats on conditioners:
1. It’s often possible–especially with a nice simple formulation–to use a conditioner as rapid rinse-out, or as deep treatment left on for longer, or as a leave-in. With some, it may help to dilute conditioner (aloe vera juice, water), shake before use, apply this lighter version as leave-in.

2. Some moisturisers can also double-up as conditioners: ex Allergenics emollient cream). Ditto as a leave-in, esp. on ends of damp hair. Same goes for some oils. But don’t then apply heat (oiled thing+heat=fry).

Big List of Fragrance-Free Hair Care Products

VanillaTresses on Long Hair Community:

see the original post for more (styling products, subsequent discussion, the list compiling over the years,…)

Alaffia Everyday Shea
[Al’chemy] Very Gentle Unscented Shampoo (Australia); (sold as [A’kin] in US at
Aquaphor Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo, Fragrance Free
Aura Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Shampoo (Sally Beauty Supply)
Auroma Shampoo Base, Additive Free (
Avalon Organics Fragrance Free Shampoo (Olive & Grapeseed, Moisturizing)
Boots Expert Sensitive Unfragranced Shampoo (UK –
Burt’s Bees (Baby) Fragrance Free Shampoo & Wash
California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash
Chagrin Valley Olive Babassu Shampoo Bar (*No added scent; no essential fragrance oils)
Curelle Shampoos (Canada – available in Energe, Hydra & Riche varieties –
Del-Ray Special Shampoo
Desert Essence Fragrance Free Shampoo
DHS Clear Shampoo Fragrance Free
Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid and Bar Soaps
Druide Pur & Pure Hypoallergenic Shampoo (Canada – available at
Earth Science Fragrance Free Shampoo
Eco-Loguique Nourishing Botanical Shampoo, Fragrance Free (*does contain “botanical extracts” but not essential oils)
Free & Clear Shampoo
Heritage Store Olive Oil Shampoo, Original Unscented
Gluten-Free Savonnerie Shampoo, Fragrance Free
Jason Fragrance Free Shampoo
Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo, No Fragrance (available at
Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream, No Fragrance (available at
LaCoupe Fragrance Free Gentle Shampoo (*Contains shea butter. Canada & US –
Logona Kosmetik Fragrance Free Shampoo & Shower Gel (Germany)
Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Cleanser for the Chemically Sensitive (for face, hands, body and hair)
Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Shampoo
Melrose Everyday Shampoo Base (Australia)
Melrose Botanicals Fragrance Free Shampoo (Australia)
Natural Choices Hair and Body Wash
Nature Clean Herbal Shampoo, Unscented (*does contain “botanical extracts” but not essential oils)
Paula’s Choice All Over Hair & Body Shampoo, Fragrance Free (
Prairieland Herbs Just Plain Shampoo Bar
Rainbow Research Shampoo for Kids, Unscented
(seed)+ Conditioning Hair Shampoo Bar, Unscented (available on
Simple Shampoo (UK – Available in Gentle Care, Dandruff, and Rich Repair varieties.
Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar
Stonybrook Botanicals Unscented Shampoo
Terressentials Fragrance-free Pure Earth Hair Wash
Unicure Shampoo
Whole Foods 365 Fragrance Free Shampoo

Alaffia Everyday Shea
Alba Botanica Fragrance Free Leave-In Conditioner
[Al’chemy] Very Gentle Unscented Conditioner (Australia); (sold as [A’kin] in US at
Aura Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Conditioner (Sally Beauty Supply)
Auroma Conditioner Base, Additive Free (
Avalon Organics Fragrance Free Conditioner (Olive & Grapeseed, Moisturizing)
Boots Expert Sensitive Unfragranced Conditioner (UK –
Boots Expert Sensitive Unfragranced Intensive Conditioning Treatment (UK –
California Baby Super Sensitive Conditioner
Curelle Conditioners (Canada – available in Energe, Hydra, Riche and Treslite varieties –
Desert Essence Fragrance Free Conditioner (*Note that this contains shea butter extract, if you are latex sensitive or allergic to shea butter)
DHS Fragrance Free Conditioner
Druide Pur & Pure Conditioner (Canada – available at
Earth Science Fragrance Free Conditioner
Eco-Logique Nourishing Botanical Conditioner, Fragrance Free (*does contain “botanical extracts” but not essential oils)
Free & Clear Conditioner
Gluten-Free Savonnerie Conditioner, Fragrance Free
Jason Fragrance Free Conditioner
LaCoupe Fragrance Free Gentle Conditioner (*Contains shea butter. Canada & US –
LaCoupe Fragrance Free Leave-In Conditioner (Canada & US –
Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Conditioner
Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Hair Conditioner, Detangler and Shine Spray
Melrose Everyday Conditioner Base (Australia)
Melrose Botanicals Fragrance Free Conditioner (Australia)
Nature Clean Herbal Conditioner, Unscented (*does contain “botanical extracts” but not essential oils)
Paula’s Choice Smooth Finish Conditioner (
Simple Conditioner (UK – Available in Gentle Care, Dandruff, and Rich Repair varieties.
Stonybrook Botanicals Unscented Conditioner
Unicure Conditioner
Whole Foods 365 Fragrance Free Conditioner

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