parabens: the truth is out there (3)

Commentary, discussion, and some more links: Colin’s Beauty Pages, the Organic Consumer Association on honeysuckle, and the priceless “I go a lot by how things make me feel. when I use parabens they feel toxic to me.”

In the first of the items here, I’d started out by saying

I’m just putting this out there–entirely up to you how you read and judge it, what conclusions you reach, and what impact this has on your own paraben use.

The same goes for this post, and indeed for the whole series on parabens. Though of course  I may well mock you if you “decide” adopt an idiotic and/or moronic position. That’s not what most intelligent beings would consider to be a “decision.” It might well ensure that your domestic appliances (and pets) do better on a Turing test. Empty threat? Not a threat at all, a promise.

Old Green Board post here:

a thing on parabens (don’t yawn!)

I’m just putting this out there–entirely up to you how you read and judge it, what conclusions you reach, and what impact this has on your own paraben use.

Useful stuff on parabens, in three parts. Published between the 10th and today [13 July 2010]. Part the first, a podcast, is followed by “The Truth…I: The Case For” and “…II: The Case Against.” First bit here:

I for one am treating this as an interesting opinion piece that tells us as much about current attitudes and kinds of (pseudo-)thinking in the general population–Zeitgeisty socio-politico-culturally revealing–as it does about the actual research data and metadata. A fair amount of which is listed here, for your greater delectation:

2. Discussion on green board (where I wave angry fists around crusading for truth, justice, and sanity… especially on stuff like this…):

Hidden Parabens via Japanese Honeysuckle

Links in here, from the Organic Consumers Association: More on Parabens: Greenwashing With Honeysuckle Extract (2009-04-27)
Rebuttal: Grateful Body Refutes Claims That Honeysuckle Extracts All Contain Parabens (2009-05-13)

And, because there’s nothing so entertaining as some good old-fashioned folly, here’s an extract from (20 April 2010)

Some ladies on the skin care board are talking about how parabens aren’t harmful.

Response thread #1:

As far as I know, there is no *conclusive* evidence that they are harmful.

Response thread #2:

They haven’t found a definitive link between parabens and any cancer as long as the exposure is small. So what you get in skin products is unlikely to cause problems.
Adding: the data is inconclusive, and I’m personally not worried about parabens in small amounts, but if you are then I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to avoid them or at least limit them. That’s my personal opinion. I try to use mostly natural skin products but if it comes down to a product that is perfect other than the fact that it has parabens, then I’d still use it.

That thread had sensible stuff on dosage/rate, but alas was sidetracked by cretinous yummy mummy nimbyism.
Response thread #3: Gingerrama:

yep, that’s me :): no proven causal link, only possible coincidence (look up my posts)

Later in the thread, I posted up the first version of the research summary posted up on here in yesterday’s parabens: the truth is out there (2).

Let’s have a closer look at what happens in thread #2:

I repeat, a year and a half or so later: words still fail me.

Time for some more chocolate, I think:

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