thread necrophilia

Looks like someone’s been reading BBB (see previous post, nice try) and popped back to make some last-minute contributions to a conversation (see post before that, more oaty goodness) whose principal interlocutors had already had a hug and left the room arm in arm:

Party over.
After-party started by bestcoast a day later (and joined, albeit on “my” side,” by avironneur and hapasweet): over.
Comments after my comment (trying to placate things and make it clear THE PARTY WAS OVER) later that evening (sorry, some of us do have day-jobs; I know that’s not good enough and it’s not proper dedication; sorreeee): xxxspell, bestcoast, no, the band’s gone home, even the cleaners the next day (was that me?) have gone.
ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING and indeed this world.
Queen Victoria’s dead too, by the way.

One’s a known green board troll who’d actually been really nice, friendly, positive, helpful, and generally good virtual company recently. The other’s an account that’s been dormant for a very long time resuscitated recently. Ho hum, I usually say, but one must as ever give the benefit of the doubt etc.

Nice try, anyway.

Not so nice try on hoping I’d return and join the fray, hopefully lose my temper (or defend what I’d said in a manner that was clearly insulting to the OP), or give some other reason for reporting me to the MUA Powers and getting me banned. Or goading me into MUA-suicide. ROFL.

Like I said, and like I said yesterday. nice try. Keep on trying. Keep up the good work!

Green board + egg in face + ham-fisted = Green Eggs And Ham = for future reference the new acronym GEAH. Somehow, I don’t really think it’s going to catch on…

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