more oaty goodness

Blimey. Ingredient of the week, this one. Is it post-Christmas healthy-living drives?

A veritable porridge of questions. Imagine a porridge that’s free-flowing or spewing in all directions:

Aw bless: I dread to think what sort of job leaves you that scrambled at the end of the day. The last word—

Hahaha Im actually drinkin tea w honey/lemon as we speak as sick too :p xoxosincity 1/2/2012 10:16PM

—now that’s someone who really seriously deeply truly needs some me-time, settle comfortably, collect their thoughts and generally gather themselves, relax on a sofa, with a mask on, some nice music, and some nice other person to give them a long soothing massage…

Observe the miracle of the oats: they’re naturally soothing. Even thinking or writing about them soothes. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles etc.

Unfortunately the main oaty miracles complicate things somewhat:

the miracle of St Radegund and the oats: turning "sowing wild oats" on its head. See also:

taking New Year's resolutions too far: the miracle of St Anthony of Padua and the donkey that REFUSED oats... preferring fasting and the Holy Sacrament

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