OTT obsessive mania?

or total dedication, devotion, saintly, transcendental, and sublime?

Mmm… but I’m digressing already. The Divine guys aren’t mad, they’re just very virtuous. This was just as excuse to post up some chocolate.

This post is about the other food of the Gods.


(OK, some syncretist kind of gods with Classical Greco-Roman and Mesoamerican elements.)

Here’s the most extreme pizza person I’ve encountered, in real life, online, or in fiction. Anywhere. Ever.

Great pictures: you can almost smell the pizza. And that scent is verily the Odour of Sanctity. QED on question at start of post.

Jeff Varasano’s NY Pizza Recipe

Around about a quarter of the way through, you’ll meet his modified oven. When I first read that section, I thought I was going to die. My next thought was that I might actually die, as The Beloved seemed keen on the whole thing, and wasn’t laughing but was eyeing up our cooker. He can have a funny dry poker quirky sense of humour, LOL.

A short post, this one, as that’s some heavy reading you’ve got there…

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