winter skin updates

(updated version)


Much as I love Everyday Shea‘s unscented moisturising body wash, and much as I wonder at how it can be moisturising and fine despite its high pH: I do prefer something moister still. And also, for practical reasons (inc. occasional travel these days), I prefer a solid bar.

So: back to A-Derma cleansing bar. All over, face and body.


Still using rosehip seed oil, for good or for ill. On damp skin. Skin’s not been so dry that I’ve needed to up that by mixing in with a moister oil, but that’s a next step in the arsenal.

The DIY multi-purpose oil: now just plain sweet almond oil. One of the first I ever used; or rather, used on me when an infant. Fabulous balance: light and easily absorbed, yet more moisturising (on me, anyway) than sunflower/safflower/mineral, and no irritation or clogging. Like most of my other favourites, no scent, stable and long shelf-life, cheap, and high in linoleic acid (plus low in my common cloggers). Aside from the usual general use (body moisturiser, eye makeup remover, armpit shaving), I’m using this on face: mixed in with the rosehip on dryer days, and otherwise patted neat onto drier areas of skin.

On top of that: my old trusty A-Derma Skin Care Cream or (evenings: can be a teensy bit tingly in the mornings) CeraVe cream. The plain stuff in the tub. It’s now been 6 weeks+, so probably time to write up the YAY SING PRAISES HALLELUJA review post.

Dry patches: NOW shea butter.

Dry patches, living in The Bag, and topping up when needed during the day (if very cold and dry): Aquaphor healing ointment in the tube.


Most days recently: Eco Logical Body SPF 30+ (ZnO), richer than their Face one, still nice and sleek, and without its weird smell. Its smell really is weirding me out, and I’ve given it a fair try. It’s weird as it has a nice side–sugary, caramel, chocolatey–and then the plasticky note. It’s that jarring between scents that makes it weird. Unheimlich. 

Milder gentler damper days: BurnOut Ocean Tested SPF30+ (ZnO), the moistest of their range, with hemp seed oil. This has otherwise been my regular for a while now.

Reserved for colder drier more severe days: Vanicream SPF60+ (ZnO + TiO2).


There will be another update in a couple of weeks, once returned from a trip to a properly seriously cold part of the world. We’ll see how the skin copes, what’s worked, what’s not worked, and whether I do end up resorting to smearing Aquaphor all over my face then wrapping it in a large scarf…

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