from LOL to LULZ: two steps, too easy

Quack, quack


The Face Yoga Troll proves to be a multi-faceted character with previously unknown hidden depths:

Suggestions on postcards to the usual competition address. I’ve already suggested seeing an actual doctor, cos if this is true, it’s an actual medical problem. Obvious solution is a total head transplant, as hair issues would be—well, to this unfortunate anyway—as good an excuse as any for drastic action to resolve matters in general.

Or a wig.

Or wearing a pair of old underpants on the head. So: folly-praising readers: here’s the real challenge. Persuade our OP of this course of action.

Meanwhile, over on Hair:

And some feedback back on Green (we enjoy life at a leisurely pace over there):

Listen up, and carefully: I’m all for alternative treatments probably as much as anyone here. Rule number one on alternative and natural and herbal and all that’s natural/organic/holistic. It’s most likely going to work way slower than chemicals; (i.e. what the doctor prescribes) that’s why its not so popular. Understand that part? Understand it well?

This means if you’ve been doing something wrong (at least in your observations) to your hair for 12 years or from 12 years ago you can expect alternative treatments, those that work perfectly that is, to take about 12 years ((possibly)) to get you back to the way you were before.

—- It takes as long to get back home as it did to get there from home, if you get my drift. —-

My guess is that any alternative suggestions I or anyone else can make are going to take a LOT OF TIME with an issue such as this.
This takes us to something else. If your hair is thinning at the rate you say it is, you need to go see an MD, pronto.(dermatologist?) I do not think your hair is thinning exclusively to chemical treatments from the past. It may have played a role but if this is the problem you probably have additional physiological issues that may need to be dealt with immediately. I’m not a doctor but no doctor here would diagnose you defnitely either. And remember, while the internet is a wonderful tool for help and information, message boards are about as unreliable on a consistent basis as they are reliable. You go a coin toss here as to who and how your questions will be answered. Good luck.



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