recent idiocy


The Face Yoga Troll is back, this time accompanied by the sweet harmonious angelic choir of sock-puppets:

In other news, I made a joke but miscalculated the venue/context, so it fell flat. There is nothing more annoying. I tell you: nothing. I’m sure this is the number one cause of comedian-related deaths: be that suicide or murder.

What is it with people? If you’ve got tha skilz to operate a computer, and to be online, and to have registered an account on a forum and have figured out how to use/chat in said forum; if you are capable of copy-pasting ingredients from online, and of searching for those ingredients online in the first place; then HOW COME YOU CAN’T PERFORM THE SIMPLEST OF BASIC SEARCHES ON A GIGANTIC AND SUPER-EASY-TO-USE SEARCH ENGINE?



Bless-her-fake-cotton-socks replied:

Does this mean you do or don’t think it’s good? faux 12/11/2011 4:38PM

Was looking for helpful input, not comments from a smart ass know-it-all. faux 12/11/2011 5:14PM

No, I am not responding:

  1. grumpy for aforementioned joke-flop reason
  2. much more fun to see what happens next. The cack-handed attempt at a counter was already amusing. People are wonderful, so rewarding: they can be hilarious when they get angry and they know they’re at fault / in the wrong / the joke’s on them / hoist by own petard.
  3. I’ll stop commenting on non-commenting now, because otherwise it’ll all get a bit silly (if not full-on foolish all-round): better keep that contained to one sad sack of an individual (with money to spend on silly things, but whatever).
    Folly spreads very easily. One of the worst and most virulent of plagues.

I am a sucker: responded, being an out-and-proud geek, complete with geek pride statement. Did basic rundown of ingredients (moisturiser/emollient base + acid actives + antioxidants + soothers + stabilizers/preservatives + aesthetic fluff), YMMV spelled out a bit more (the OP’s had problems understanding the concept of  “your mileage may vary” in the past, several times; I’m still not sure if it’s obtuseness, stupidity, or bona fide trolling), and GEEK POWER:

More, and more on the individual ingredients and what they do: research each one for yourself. If you have a look at my notepad you’ll find a list of places you can go and look for yourself. Because, yes, I AM a smart ass know-it-all BUT I also like to share the wealth: in favour of open access, open source, and assorted other things open (but not libertarianism).



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