a good thing

MUA commentary: I wouldn’t always be the first to say this, but sometimes, behaving more like the Café board can be a good thing. Skin Care Board, as ascertained previously, can be a bit serious and take itself a bit seriously. OK, to be fair, that’s also because it’s dealing with serious issues. Like skin falling off, cancer, etc.

But Café has a somewhat different approach to trolls and trolling. Besides doing a certain amount of trolling themselves, on their own board and on others all around MUA, as routine healthy normal everyday activities.

Here’s an instance of Skin Care being a bit more like Café. (For more on the Jet Fan Mineral Face Oil referred to below ($65.00 / 1 oz), see mineral oil: the gift that keeps on giving.) I reckon this is all a jolly good thing. What think you?

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