mineral oil: the gift that keeps on giving

UPDATED 2011-11-29: now featuring Jet Fan Minerals Face Oil ($65.00 for 1 oz) and some magic, c/o a fictitious comedy character coming to life!
Well, we had some further entertainment over on the MUA Skin Care Board. Now it’s over, herewith the archives for posterity. History will judge us…

An intermission, to the tune of a side-trolling sock-puppet-show:

And then I guess people pootled off and worked through their cumulative hangovers, post-Thanksgiving digestive crises, etc. Back today:

We’re in danger of having a bit of a meme going now…

See also, for more in this lovely exclusive special collection: a good thing (2011-12-03), the face yoga troll strikes again (2011-12-04 to 07)

With apologies for some folly later, courtesy of someone who is uncannily the living breathing incarnation of Olga the Tyrant in Laura Solon’s Talking And Not Talking:

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