CeraVe moisturizing cream strikes again

It’s now a few days over a month since the skinsperiment started, with ups and downs along the way.


Manufacturer’s information:

After some more muddling around, I’ve been back on the stuff. It’s fine and lovely. We’ll see if that’s still the case in two weeks’ time, when I’ll be writing up the Final Judgement. Which will incorporate all three previous posts.

Some considerations along the way, in no particular order:

  • that dramatic outbreak on my chin: no necessary connection to the CeraVe. Certainly not a provable one. A lesson in causation, correlation, and coincidence…
  • my skin goes through periods of being generally stressed out, anxious, and over-compensating from time to time during the year. Or: at specific times: including some point during the fall, sometimes just for a couple of days, sometimes longer.
  • I’d been working a lot, and not eating–especially lunch–as well as I ought to and usually do. This comes out in skin. Ditto lack of exposure to fresh air during the day.
  • Also work stress to factor in: we’re definitely linking this directly to my eczema. Which now seems fairly controlled. Whereas that specific stress-situation has gone to a state of acceptance, as something beyond my control and therefore not worth worrying about. I’ve done all about it that I can do: that’s good. Worrying about things you can’t do anything about not only does nothing, but it’s counterproductive, as it’s a drain of energy, a waste of your own time and resources, and just generates a vicious cycle of more worry and stress.
  • Roll all the above together and add in seasonal allergies…
  • … and immune system being a bit down. Now we’re talking vicious cycles, horrible things.
  • Ladies and germs: yes, I got the ‘flu. Mildly: because my stupid system spent nearly 3 weeks fighting it off, rather than just going down with it badly (like 2 years ago), dealing with it, and sorting itself out in a couple of days of horrible grottiness. In the meantime, I also acquired multiple annoying paper-cuts, pulled a leg (my own) running, and had other similarly minor, dispersed, but niggly bits of pieces for the old body to sort out; which it did in a less-than-satisfactory fashion.
    See, I’m usually repulsively healthy and heal fast. Ex. a serious break last summer was fixed in three weeks (and that was after Fool here walked around on it for a week) when it should have taken a good couple of months or so; a facial injury acquired in the same accident has resulted in next to no scarring (disappointing as I was hoping to look like a racy pirate/dueller). Anything slower than usual is a major annoyance and cause for complaint.

So: all the above things considered: it was probably an unfair time of year to be testing out anything new.

We’re now at the end of November, and into what passes for early winter here. We’ve had a first cold snap. My skin seems to be settling down. And I’ve been back on the CeraVe experiments, after some to-ing and fro-ing with my stalwart standbys.


  • the chin is absolutely fine
  • rest of skin has settled down into being normal. I’ve had no more episodes of drying out. I’ve also been making sure to keep bowls of water on the radiator in my office; that radiator is next to my desk, so the water evaporating is hydrating the air that’s pretty much closest to my head. I’ve also opened the window during the day, to ensure the temperature difference isn’t too drastic. And tried to spend more time outside. When in other rooms/offices/buildings, alas, not much you can do. But: all the same, skin isn’t dried out.
  • on very dry days, I’ll add a layer of occlusive emollient stuff on top.
  • big huge plus: my usual irritation-patches near nose are completely calm, and the eczema patches at the back of my neck and behind my ears are g-o-n-e. The latter had been starting to creep.
  • eczema patches on body gone or (insides of elbows, the worst) itchy but not active/live.

Current conclusions: happy as the proverbial Larry, pigs in muck, etc. It’s a keeper and winner.

Here’s what I’m doing with the stuff currently:


  • Wash–leave skin damp–pat in rosehip oil–dot on the pat and press in CeraVe cream. All over, including the eye area. More moisturiser (a different one, more occlusive) around the eyes. Sunscreen on top, all over.
  • If it’s dry outside: add A-Derma Skin Care Cream on known drier areas (eyes, forehead).
  • If it’s very dry, add a another layer–any point during the day–of Aquaphor, wherever it’s needed. A tube of Aquaphor (the healing ointment version) currently lives in The Bag That Goes Everywhere With Me.


  • Shower–apply multi-purpose oil in the shower–exit shower, apply towel, don’t dry–apply more oil–wrap towel round self–attend to head-area–consult body to see which bits need more moisture–apply CeraVe.
  • And on eczematic zones, even if they’re currently in a state of normality.


  • Used on hands after washing.


  • Wash (or at least shove some witch-hazel hydrosol around face)–rosehip oil–CeraVe cream, as morning. Usually a heavier-duty moisturiser around the eyes, ex. shea butter or Aquaphor.
  • Applied to hands and to eczematic areas.

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