Q: when is a troll not a troll?

A: when it’s merely a stupid but stubborn human.

Yes, those hilariously idiotic face yoga exercise things are back!

Caveat: I’m aware that there’s a moral issue here. One shouldn’t mock the afflicted. That’s just wrong.

But if an adult is deemed sufficiently responsible to use a computer, be online, have money, spend it, and make decisions for that–how far does that right to free adult life go?

But but: Is there not also some duty of care, somewhere, of someone, to wave a red flag from time to time? Witness: where we all are now, thanks to laissez-faire traditional capitalist economics on the Viagra model (growth, increase your girth, etc.). Thanks to letting fools have credit cards and borrow stupid amounts of money that they can’t repay. Ditto on houses and mortgages.

At the risk of being a red flag to a bull…

Consider this a red flag. If the OP is reading: this may hurt, but I hope it helps. Being cruel to be kind.

Anyone else: I hope it helps, as a warning, morality tale, and moral fable.


You may recall the original Face Exercise episode, on MUA’s Green Board back last May. As reported on here in morosophy: a classic (September this year), when I was going through some Greatest Hits of Green Board Morosophy. The first time I saw this stuff, my first reaction was: it’s a joke. My second one was: this is one of the most hilarious bits of Green Board trolling I’ve ever seen. Um, but, no. I was completely wrong. As far as I can see (and see that post, for the ensuing debate…) it’s genuine. Either that or dear bohogirl10–trustafariangit as I prefer to think of her–is a very good, well-acted, coherent character.

Now: we may well have a case here of idiocy aggravated by misinformation, misguidance, naïveté, and being easily influenced. [Arch but smug and mainly bitchy side-note: ladies and gents: how often have you ever seen “aggravated” used correctly? Lawyers are exempt from this poll.] Cultish coltishness would be cute (and I’m well aware that many find it devastatingly attractive), but worse: s/he actually seems to genuinely believe in crap: not just out of silliness, or wanting to please The Man.

Adding insult to anti-feminist injury: this might remotely possibly, poor lamb, be someone who’s shilling. Working for The Man. Or other Forces of Idiocy and Evil. I honestly don’t know if that would be better or worse than straight-forward stupidity: better, in that at least there would be  some reason for the idiotic posts, and some evidence of brain activity and sentient life behind words uttered. And the stream-of-consciousness ramblings have to be seen to be believed. Worse: and more likely (based on trustafariangit’s posting-history on MUA): it’s pure, innocent, and blind. The Man gets revenue for cultish Emperor’s New Clothes products AND has fools do the advertising for Him voluntarily, in their own free time, for free??? 

Well, some fuckwits people can’t naff  off take a hint and just don’t give up and really do have shit for brains:

bohogirl1011/10/2011 12:16PM

Will my skin become saggy and droppy if I constantly remove makeup with a remover pad?

What type of manipulations causes the skin to become droppy and saggy and how to avoid them?

Thank you.

gaudiora 11/10/2011 12:25PM

no. skin sagginess is basically mostly genetics, cigarette smoke/drugs, and sun exposure

gingerrama 11/10/2011 3:52PM

2nd (ooh, is it that time of year again when those entertaining videos get posted up? *waiting*)

avironneur 11/10/2011 8:15PM

^ a classic that one was

coriforia 11/10/2011 10:30PM

Huh? I dont remember any videos…..hmmmm

Hint not taken. Sucker for punishment. Or: how stupid can someone be? That’s not just a rhetorical question: I really honestly do wonder, as this seems to be an extreme case of potential massive interest to Science! It’s such a waste, otherwise. And a tragedy.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν

bohogirl1011/21/2011 10:20AM

Does facial exercises really cause wrinkles in the long term?

I’m a bit biased since I have consulted with 2 plastic surgeons and I read a post about a dermatologist who are against it.

These are the plastic surgeon responses, my question was mainly regarding face exercises to develop higher and fuller cheekbones:

“If you decide to use facial exercises, please take pictures before starting the program. I have never seen a patient where this has worked nor have I read a scientific study that showed the effectiveness of facial exercises. I would like a picture if you are the first. Higher cheekbones can be achieved with a cheek lift, fillers or fat injections, or the placement of cheek implants”

Sorry. While exercise for your body can work wonders, not so for the face. Facial exercises are more likely to incur dynamic activity lines, furrows, and wrinkles! In fact, that’s one reason botulinum (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) products have become so popular… They immobilize and relax overly active facial muscles. Elevation or enhanced cheekbones can only occur with implants, fillers, volumizers, fat transfer, or cheeklifting (at present) Limit your workouts to below the neck!

“So I’m biased now because I have seen great results online with Carole Maggio, a guy named Josh who has develop a really good exercise for the cheeks which I have seen working my cheek lines, it burns and I know it’s working, or the houdini exercises, or Kira Shawhney, all found in youtube, I’m a bit concerned about a few techniques on the cheek developer by Carole Maggio since I have noticed that every time I practice it and finish my nasolabial lines stand out more! They explain that you need consistency but even a lady posted a comment about that, that she has to sacrifice one side for another here is the pos which you can also find on youtube:

You see, my benevolent soul, that my biggest problem now is that I am not able to work out the muscles in the nasal-labial area which was once spoiled by the cheek developer. Now I’m trying needling to somehow fill those elderly trenches under mi skin by provoking the area to produce fresh collagen fibres. And the funniest thing is that I have neither developed my cheeks nor have any of these exercises help to push up the naso-labial area from inside”

How does Carole developed her cheeks without creating deep nasolabial lines? Im really tempted by this exercise and others, I stubbornly keep trying but I do not want to sacrifice a much noticeable nasolabial lines for more fuller and higher cheeks and face structure.
I’m really biased on whether to keep doing the facial exercises or just buy something like the dermaroller, jade rollers or just try creams like she butter, suki or other brands.

Please help.

Thank you!

(I may well come back to this and comment, line by line; in the meanwhile, I would encourage any of you who are able to do so to “please help” this poor unfortunate. She clearly needs help. Benevolent soul indeed.)

Green Board answers:

gingerrama 11/21/2011 2:03PM

yes, also it’s silly. we’ve been through this before. tsk. FYI, other Greenies
(also “favourited” for all perpetuity in my META-MUA list…)

(that list: META-MUA: ethics, common sense, reason, science, mythbusting, anti-greenwash, quackery, idiocy)

avironneur 11/21/2011 4:50PM

2nd I would just give up on the facial exercise schtick – it’s not going to go anywhere

Lutya 11/21/2011 5:39PM:


Meanwhile, over on Skincare:

bohogirl1011/21/2011 10:19AM
[same stuff cross-posted]

raindancer 11/21/2011 10:54AM

I would really, really, really stay away from “facial exercise” – it’s generally been shown to be either ineffective or completely detrimental to facial contours. On a related note, there’s a reason that many plastic surgeons will decline to remove the buccal fat pads in the cheeks, as when you age, sunken or thin cheeks are indicative of age. This is also the reason that many women seeking plastic surgery for their facial contours use fillers – it contributes to a fuller, more youthful look. The only thing that will prevent nasio-labial folds from forming (at least in part) are 1) sunscreen 2) a retinoid and 3) antioxidants. Even these are not completely foolproof, and if you already have lines you are unhappy with you may need to look into dermal fillers such as Juvederm.

However, while facial exercise may be detrimental on the whole, I happen to love facial massage – I love Saeki’s book on skin care, which goes into the idea in depth. And at the very worst that way, your face will feel good 🙂 Hope that helps!

bohogirl10 11/21/2011 11:09AM

I’d really like to keep doing Kiran Sawhney technique only…
Because it seems that it’s only working out the face in general without pulling or using your hands to cause wrinkles. Or is that one still a no no?

Thank you.

bohogirl10 11/21/2011 11:11AM

There’s also one where you have to inflate your cheeks in houdini channel…
Is that one acceptable as well?

Thank you.

bohogirl10 11/21/2011 11:16AM

Here are the videos, could you please review them and tell…?
Which one is a good to go?

I do not want nasolabial lines at all

Josh Revision to cheek exercise: […]

Kiran Sawhney demonstrates exercises to for facial muscles to get great jawline and high cheekbones: […]

Yoga facial exercises: How to tone and lift cheeks 0:55-1:05(Howdini): […]

Cheek Developer Carole Maggio (this one is a no no to me, can’t trust the movements) […]

Please review and give your opinion?

Thank you!

gingerrama 11/21/2011 3:04PM

that stuff from last May? SCBers, links to original discussion FYI [+Green Board reply copy-pasted]

And some more, a week later:

Well, folks:

  • help me out on distinguishing sincere idiocy from very good phoneys: am I right in reading trustafariangit as The Real McCoy?
  • please help this poor unfortunate! she clearly needs help
  • please do review and give your opinions of the videos: following here below for your greater delectation, plus as a special bonus, the one that’s currently bohogirl10’s “status.” As I said in the earlier post:
    WARNING: please ensure you have vacated your bladder and are sitting comfortably, holding on to your seat, BEFORE pressing play; oh yes, and I’ve left them in the OP’s original order, so as to retain the full effect of her very special and unique approach to logical sequence and coherence, giving some insight into the very special way this very special beautiful mind works:





  • bonus: c/o bohogirl10’s current MUA “status.” If you were ever wondering exactly how stupid someone could be and still be alive; or perplexed at the seething teeming zombie hordes number of credulous fools out there; wondering what you might be doing instead of your normal job and instead of being a useful member of society; or seeking for the current incarnation on Lady Folly herself: Epic Beauty Guide offers the answers to all these great mysteries and marvels, and more. The second one has a great quotable sentence or two near the beginning, on pain…

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