some more follies

You may recall this...

A rag-tag bag of recent great hits, misses, flops, and painful belly-flops.

There was collected linkages and other conspiracies back on 2011-10-22. Jezebel picked up on a similar topic on 2011-11-03:

Some folly–and near-panic–on the Green Board:

Consensus of the sensible:

Delighted to see “correlation ≠ causation” in action here:

Ah yes, and who can forget:

In reverse chronological order, freshest first, and a bit tweaked to insert narrative flow (albeit completely fictitious):

Now some more sensible ones, c/o Treehugger:

An oldie but a goodie:


  • Mineral Oil – Why it is BAD for you! (2011-05):  Well worth a read. Right through the comments too. Nice instances of raw copy-pasting and mindless parroting, as contrasted with some actual proper citation, and research and reasoning. Belly-rubbingly good.

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