remember, remember, the Fifth of November

Spam of the week! In comment on that last post, troll-spotting: how to distinguish innocent non-trolls:

Which is nearly à propos:

  • the Tagalog “you’ve got a point / you’re right”.  There’s a delightful item about “pala” and “nga” on YouTube.
  • conspiracy: gunpowder, treason, and plot: ah, the conspiracy that is trolling on MUA. Well, there might be a few with the brains, foresight, and gumption; but mostly the trolling there is
    (a) personal vendettas arising from individual slights, or perceived slights (plus attached paranoia and conspiracy theories)
    (b) LOLlards or LULZers out for a laugh, and/or mocking those who take MUA (and themselves) too seriously: this is good old-fashioned satire at best (and a positive force for good in the world), wanton destruction at worst. Alas, the whole lot tend to get tarred with the same brush…
    (c) the drunk, stoned, and otherwise under the influence
    (d) those under other influences: religious nutters, right-wingers, anti-science nutjobs, etc.
    (e)  the lame, the halt, the weak, the foolish, the terminally stupid, and others who merit pity; not being a Christian, I don’t feel like it’s in my interests to do so, as I don’t think the meek should inherit the earth–the idea fills me with dread, woe, and reeks of dire foreboding.
  • Well now. How did they guess? I am fond of Alan Moore’s opus, and very fond indeed of that particular Moore/Lloyd co-production. I thought the film wasn’t bad, but not a patch on the book: comics manage many things that are beyond texty-books, theatre, and film in terms of narrative and overal literary and creative potential. Games might still be beyond them all.
  • Also, thanks for reminding me of today’s date. For the record: Catholics, ex-Catholics, and the Catholically-related who are from the Brythonic Isles have this kind of etched into an old inherited part of the brain. Those of us living in same Atlantic archipelago couldn’t miss it–but might forget, what with bonfires continuing from the Friday before Samhain all the way through to V.11–yet those of us living overseas could easily let it slip our minds. You know, living in nicer places, on a pleasant sunny day, when folks aren’t running around throwing your Tague-ness in your face all the time. It’s genetic, you see: once a Tague, always a Tague.
  • The 11th of November is also coming up; I’ve always been in two minds as to whether it’s better to remember such events–hoping that remembrance, reflexion, and keeping history alive might prevent ignorant repetitions in the future–or to forget, to let the dead rest in peace, and move to peace. This is where I (and that other ID-part) have often thought Yom HaShoah thinks things through better–the more all-embracing version of that day, anyway. Just as with being a Tague: no matter what your own individual beliefs might be, for some people–at the extremes on both sides of The Divide–you’ll always be a Jew.
  • Discrimination and other identity-issues bring us back full circle to oo nga pala: reference to a now-classic song, Pinoy politics, and some Occupy-tagalong-related identity-politics connections

On the other hand:

  • Laptop battery life? Well, who doesn’t want one that lasts forever… not that I’m complaining about the current one, which is fine and dandy thank’ee kindly sirs.
  • Shucks, I’ve probably just condemned myself to more spam of this ilk.
  • On the other hand: if I’m lucky, people might think I’m a new competitor in the business: this might lead to a more interesting new kind of spam. Fingers crossed on that one.

Cubeecraft I hadn’t met, and I’m jolly glad I had the excuse to have a bit of a google!

→ and click

( There’s also some over on the ever-joyous deviantART.)

So, maybe instead of swanning about in your moustachioed mask today, in between bouts of kicking the crap out of burners of effigies, maybe even instead of burning effigies of wankers (that’s a portmanteau-word, for newbies, constructing out of “W(all street)” + “(b)anker”)–do something peaceful at home today:

You’ll need some musical accompaniment, unless planning to whistle while you work:

And why not sing along? (See Half Truths and Fictions for the lyrics and a translation.) Because singing along is a wonderful thing; and singing in other languages–alongside enjoying other cuisines–can help to build understanding and tolerance, and might even lead to world peace, justice, happiness, and (r)evolution towards universal harmony.


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