FFS: some recent MUA trolling

*Sigh.* There I was thinking we could all go back to normal everyday life. But no time of year is safe. It’s fall: the time of year when mould sets off allergies and mushrooms do their mushrooming thing. Here’s one. An old favourite, back again, and–if such a thing is imaginable–even brainier than before. I’m just going to put in screenshots here, in the interests of expediency; all links are to MUA, especially the Skin Care Board.

In the beginning, there was a troll.

It went through various incarnations. Amongst them: aurevoirlesenfants. More recently: lynncrowell, fishmuffins, pinkpiss, saggyassz. If I can be saggyarsed, I’ll post up some of the recent history/buildup; otherwise, have a scout through The Troll Archives on here (see bottom left-hand corner, aka arse-end of this blog…). One upon a very long time ago, someone was slighted, and thence the vendetta started. Annoyance at being called a silly arse for spending lots of money on something whose principal active ingredient is mineral oil. Revelation as a fool, a sucker, The Emperor’s New Clothes. Loathing for anyone who knows more, better, and says so. Even though the intention is to help others avoid the same pitfall–heck, this is one of the POINTS of MUA as a knowledge collective!!!–not to insult individuals. No-one needs to offer any advice, to anyone, ever. It’s not about lording it over others who know less; it’s about sharing knowledge, helping others out. Go anarcha-feminist gynocracy and all that. (I refer you, again, to the arse-end of this blog: this time, the posts tagged “feminism.”)


They’ll be talking about Crème de la Mer, mineral oil (and the Nexus of MUA-SCB Totalitarian Evil: jetfan and sniffer), Neutrogena sunscreen, lavender; possibly other essential oils such as citrus ones. Things that have been frequent topics over the years, and that are known bêtes noires of some of the board regulars. Spelling will be weak. Syntax will be piss-poor, punctuation usually entirely absent. They’ll have managed to have a few early posts that are neutral: this is where base cunning comes into action. Watch out: you’ll have a few days to spot the troll and some MUA rules on your side:

  • new MUAers are allotted 5 board-posts (or comments: basically, al contributions) per day in their trial period, this for about a week
  • new MUAers do not have the Power of the Flag

Troll-spotting: they may well puff out the chest, strut around aggressively, and make noises about flagging. This is a very strong indicator that your newbie is a reincarnation of an old member who got deleted: hence knowing all the vocab, but forgetting they’ve lost all previous powers.

Note for the record–and this is why trolls are a seriously harmful thing, to social harmony and political health:

  • MOST NEWBIES ARE SIMPLY NEWBIES. Just because someone is new is no reason to be suspicious of them!!!
  • People are deleted, or self-delete, for all sorts of reasons; some go away and get on with their lives. Some return, sometimes after a brief or longer hiatus. Death and resurrection don’t in and of themselves imply any more than that: it’s not necessarily a troll, just as it’s not necessarily a MUA God.
  • The Flag is a privilege earned, not a right. It’s a responsibility. I’ve wittered on about this before; search the blog (for “flag” not “witter.” I’ve usually not tagged myself wittering as such; though much wittering also happens to be tagged “rants”).

And now for a nice bedtime story in pictures.


collected works

obvious troll is obvious: fast spotting, troll-hunters on here!

epic post of the day: next posts, expansions of its parts

... rats are sniffed...

ditto, re. abbyten's scoring the first whiff of the stench of corruption, ill-hidden by that superficial spritz of lavender

conversation picks up in the "trololololol" direction

errm, then I thought it might be fun to take "pink piss" off in another direction

Meanwhile, though, the lavender issue also went off in a normal direction, and one returning to OP's original question ...

... and yours truly tries to combine anti-trolling with staying on-topic, as per MUA rules


Ah. Not the end after all (the name refers to a running joke on the BBB about users of mineral oil having lovely baby-smooth skin, smooth as a baby's bottom, etc. Obvious troll is obvious, obvious joke is obvious, and it doesn't develop or evolve above and beyond that level I'm afraid. And I say that as a fan of eye-rollingly bad, poor, weak, juvenile, poor taste jokes.)

expanding one response: also, why I like JoanOfSarcasm (besides the fantabulous moniker).

The brave little thing kept trying; sadly, this adventure ended almost before it began.


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